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Geoscan Hall: Hall 2 Stand: H2-B23

Geoscan 201 Urban is an aerial photography system with a 30 km radio link range and 3 hours flight time. Geoscan 201 Urban allows surveying up to 8000 ha in one day and obtaining orthomosaics with centimeter grade georeferencing accuracy. Due to onboard geodetic GNSS-receiver no ground control points required. As a result you will obtain a state-of-the-art digital surface model that can be a perfect basement to create a Smart City or any other geoportal to solve land management issues.

Tech specs

Flight time: up to 3 hours

Max. flight route length: 210 km

Coverage per flight: at a 3-10 cm/pix resolution: 7-22 km2

Wind tolerance: 12 m/s

Flight speed: 64-130 km/h

Max. takeoff weight: 8,5 kg

Max. payload weight: 1,5 kg

Wingspan: 222 cm

Min. safe flight altitude: 100 m

Max. flight altitude: 4000 m

Operating temperatures: from -20 to +40 °С (up to -40 °С available)

Motor: electric, brushless

Takeoff/landing: launcher/parachute, automatic


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