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Fitrus Plus

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Fitrus Plus Fitrus Plus Fitrus Plus

* Easy to Use: This device comes with a hassle-free guarantee. Fitrus+ is free of space or time limitations. The device is portable and all yours!
* Add new features: Fitrus+ can measure body composition basically. And it can measure heart rate, stress index, and skin temperature. It helps keep your health from diseases such as Hypertension or Diabetes.
* BLE Connection: Device connects instantly to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Our application will display your results and track your progress over time.
* Portability: Fitrus+ has a lightweight of only 45g as opposed to competing products that weigh about 45kg.
* Accuracy: Fitrus+ has an accuracy of over 95% with respect to other professional medical devices.
* Activity Assistance: Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine! Our device is compatible with Fitbit, Samsung health and Apple health app; you can keep track of your activity levels throughout the day.
* Diet and Exercise recommendations: Our diet and exercise recommendations are catered to your specific body type, with 18 different categories for men and 36 for women.


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