F-Secure Radar - Vulnerability Management solution

F-Secure Radar - Vulnerability Management solution

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The best threat response is to predict and map your cyber security threats. No other technology does that better than vulnerability management.

Assess vulnerabilities accurately

New assets and applications added to corporate networks internally – and to the global Internet via partners and service providers – entail new business-critical vulnerabilities that present an open door to cyber attackers. They call for heightened vigilance and compliance, yet firms still fail to take security seriously enough. 

Information security managers need to be able to approach vulnerability assessment from several perspectives in order to get an accurate assessment of risks, minimize security threats, and maintain compliance. Properly executed vulnerability management improves your insight on your organization's security posture.

Identify and expose the possible threats

Unlike any other vulnerability management solution on the market today, F-Secure Radar features web crawling technology, called Internet Asset Discovery, that also covers the deep web. With this, you can fulfil a wide variety of tasks ranging from threat assessment to business intelligence. In other words, Radar allows you to easily browse through all targets to quickly identify risks and potentially vulnerable connections, and to expand the possible attack surface beyond your own network.

Successful intellectual property and brands often make companies the target for fraudulent or malicious activities. Such activities include brand violation where third parties pose as your company, phishing sites intended to scam or infect visitors, and typosquatting – where someone registers domains using words similar to your brand to redirect traffic using links that look like yours. Many companies have little to no awareness of these sorts of activities.

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