Elegant Gate for Travelling and Access Control

Elegant Gate for Travelling and Access Control

Tahaluf Alemarat Technical Solutions L.L.C Hall: Sheikh Saeed Hall Stand: SB-D1

Security and Safety features

The Gate has a very sensitive sensors to ensures maximum personal safety where the door will stop immediately incase user cross flab door driveway; even if flab door is being moving.

In addition, the high-level security on the gate has achieved via the height of the flab door, advanced sensors (Beam & Ultrasound) and stereo (vision) camera to monitor and track the user inside the gate trap to avoid any tailgate violation. Thus, TAHALUF Gate improves the user experience and makes a considerable contribution towards increasing the security and safety levels.

Door has a lock mechanism to prevent force open by unauthorized user and gate will trigger an alarm in case of illegal access trial. The gate door is available with laminated safety glass to avoid any injury in case of glass break incident.

Moreover, the large glass panels encourage the user to feel at ease by reducing the ‘physical barrier’ effect of the gate. It provides a transparency and greater visibility for the operator to close monitor the user inside the gate.


Identity checks during the process Gate has an automatic inspection system which developed to considerably accelerate identity checks during entry or exit and to increase the security through biometric inspection. The automation of identity checks relieves the incharge security staff from routine tasks, giving them more time for users who really need assistance.

Passport and ID readers, fingerprints scanner, facial and IRIS camera can be individually integrated with gates as required, whiles verification or identification process on the gate can

be performed based on one or multimodalities (Face, IRIS, or Fingerprint) of the biometric based on the business needs.

Key Benefits

• Comfortable passage, even with bags or different size of luggage • High throughput rate along with high level of personal safety • Different security levels for diverse security needs • Transparent designs • Front door always open in direction of passage to feel at ease using the gate • Automatic sneak sensors • Acoustic alarm when used without authorization • Special 90 CM width available for gate interior – suitable for wheelchair users • Sophisticated sensor detect presence and direction of user movement, as well as left items inside the gate.

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