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ElarScan A2-400(600) and A2-400WU + ELAR ScanImage 2.1 professional software

ElarScan A2-400(600) and A2-400WU + ELAR ScanImage 2.1 professional software

ProSoft-PC Hall: Hall 2 Stand: H2-B40

ElarScan A2-400(600) - Fast, professional, universal and affordable!

The all-in-one planetary ElarScan A2-400 is unique low investment document scanner for your digitizing needs. Whether for producing digital copies, creatig digital presentation of objects or items, scanning books, any bound or delicate documents, project or law court files, reports, catalogues, maps, drawings, newspapers, posters, whatever - the fast and friendly ElarScan A2 is your full-featured professional partner. 

ElarScan A2-400WU - Scan self-service "Walk-up"

‣Self-service for students, library patrons, reading halls  visitors

‣Easy to use no-mouse or keyboard is required, simple  integrated touch-screen controller

‣Same ELAR ScanImage 2.x supports optimized «Walk-up  mode» with simplified user interface

‣Save Scans to network folder, USB-stick, mail, or to internet  FTP/HTTP, incl. GoogleDrive, etc.

ELAR ScanImage 2.1  professional software

"ELAR Scanimage" is a professional built-in specialized control and batch image processing software of ElarScan book scanners. It can also be used separately at network and standalone Win10 workstations for automation of digitizing works, image quality control, image enhancement and related tasks.

ELAR ScanImage software features a combination of relatively low license price with full functionality of scan project management, includes wide range of filters to improve the quality and export to output formats and additional functions like text recognition for 51 languages. Price per workstation/PC

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