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The content analysis engine can extract textual data from 150+ file formats and data types, and then apply effective and reliable content filtering methods. Content detection of structured data is based on pre-built templates of Regular Expression (RegExp) patterns and industry-specific keyword filters (HIPAA, PCI, etc.), while data fingerprinting is used to detect unstructured textual and binary content. Digital fingerprints are categorized to their respective Data Classifications with certain levels of importance or secrecy (e.g.“Restricted”, “Confidential”, “Secret”, “Top Secret”, etc.). In addition, ContentLock can recognize and use for content filtering classification labels assigned to documents and files by Boldon James Classifier products. Document meta properties and verified file types can also be content analysis factors. Content detection templates can be modified with numerical threshold conditions and/or combined with Boolean logic operators (AND/OR/NOT) for unmatched flexibility of control.

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