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Cloud-Based IoT Smart Helmet for Enterprises across Different Industries

Cloud-Based IoT Smart Helmet for Enterprises across Different Industries

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The toughest resource to manage in industries is the human resource. With our state of the art Smart IoT Helmet, you can do that with ease. Excellent Webworld has designed a proficient line of cloud-based smart helmets that are fully customizable for any industry.

If your business is in Construction, Oil & Mining, Chemical Plants, Automobile Manufacturing, Industrial Workshops, Factories, etc. then our cloud-based Smart IoT Helmet is the perfect product for you.

The Business Benefits that You’ll get with Our Smart IoT Helmet:

  • You can check on the location, health condition, and surrounding environment statistics of any worker who is wearing the helmet.
  • Get an SOS signal from any worker stuck in a dangerous situation.
  • Easily handle resource management and improve work division across several work stations.
  • Make sure no worker is sitting ideal at a single location or roaming around the regions where they shouldn’t be.
  • Get their continuous body vitals, reducing cases of accidents, and increasing quick response time.
  • Get a complete inventory list with tools and its current user at any given time.
  • Get an automatic logging attendance and worksheet for every worker.

Our Basic Smart Helmet Features:

  • Wearer’s Location (GPS)
  • Map navigation
  • Health monitoring (Skin Temperature)
  • Proximity safety
  • Sensor Data collection
  • Humidity Check
  • Air Quality Check
  • Pollution Check
  • SOS Panic Button

Add-ons to Our Smart Helmets:

  • Access live support
  • Advance Health Monitoring (user’s heart rate, stress level, and fatigue)
  • Live Streaming Camera
  • Interconnected Devices

Our cloud-based Smart Helmet Solution is not just limited to worker’s helmets. They are expandable to all the industry devices (smart devices, power tools, and wearables) that your workers operate. This expansion is possible by our seamless integration of BLE, RFID, Barcodes, and other NFC Technologies.

With our smart industrial IoT products, you can get complete information about every tool and instrument in your inventory. Our cloud-based enterprise IoT solution is expandable to any machinery that you own.

Our Smart IoT Helmet is fully customizable for any industry and workspace with customizable options in the helmet design, sensors, and product features as per your industry needs.

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