Barrier-Free Fare Collection / AI Video Analysis Solutions

Barrier-Free Fare Collection / AI Video Analysis Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Hall: Zabeel Hall Stand: Z2-F10

Barrier-free fare collection in stations

The concept proposes barrier-free fare collection equipped with wireless communication technology which allows passengers to proceed without passing an IC card over a reader. Users simply pass the barrier through to be authorized. This solution enables wheelchair users and people with strollers or large items of luggage to pass smoothly. Each passenger’s authorization status and path to their destination is displayed on the floor in front of them.

AI Video Analysis Solutions

Our Compact AI technology detects the attributes of people or things and automatically recognizes their movements, their condition and other information by analyzing security footage in real-time. This provides better services for passengers and enhanced security by detecting those people requiring assistance, as well as observing suspicious behavior and other potential issues.

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