Why Uffizio can be your perfect telematics solution?

Why Uffizio can be your perfect telematics solution?

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Why Uffizio can be your perfect telematics solution?

Uffizio is one of the fastest-growing company in the field of telematics solution with an idea of providing the best possible vehicle tracking solution to their clients.

Uffizio is ready to collaborate with a range of companies who are working towards a similar goal to provide the best possible vehicle tracking solution to its customers.

We are constantly innovating, utilizing highly developed technologies to upgrade our Vehicle tracking solution.

At Uffizio we delight ourselves on always being one step ahead. We’re always looking ahead and ensuring that our idea is ahead of the game. Let’s go through our strong points which can make us an ideal choice for you!

1) Strong Technical & Management Team

As we know that strong team plays an important role to provide a flawless service 24*7 and we suggest you to think twice before finalizing an agreement whose management is not enough active to listen you at 3 AM.

We have a dedicated technical support team who are working 24*7 to solve software related technical issue instantly.

     • A dynamic team of a Business analyst to understand your requirement with a possible solution.

     • A creative team of software architect where they will help you to mold your requirements into a user-friendly system.

     • A highly skilled team of software developers to maintain the regular enhancement of vehicle tracking solution.

     • Our in-house team also manages all upgrades to the software and any changes to the system are uploaded to the devices remotely so that your vehicles are never offline.

2) Competitive Pricing 

Readers might amaze to know that some of our channel partners earn more than us if we compare our break-even point period and it became possible due to our least recurring price per vehicle in the market, where on the other hand our channel partner mainly concentrate on marketing and customer acquisitions instead of engaging their time & money on software handling.

    • We are used to saving money and passing the benefits to our customers. This is simply interpreted into a competitive selling price.

    • We claim to have the best pricing structure in this telematics industry along with the best service.

    • Due to our pricing structure, our channel partner tends to achieve great profit margin from end users.

3) Customer-friendly Policy 

While making a final deal for the strategic partnership we make sure that each and every term are clear to our clients which allow us to avoid future misunderstanding.

   • We are known for friendly and sociable for our clients and with 10+ years of experience, we have attained a capability to understand your necessary technical requirements.

   • Major Companies try to cover up their blunders which are essentially caused due to the poor agreement and work structure and then after they try to hide their face. Because that is only a suitable way forward at that time but it Ultimately results in more damage and negativity. Thereafter no clients will appreciate a business denying their own mistake.

   • With crystal clear agreement we make sure that our channel partners must get benefitted from each direction. 

4) Long Term Commitment 

Uffizio’s management team believes that “If you can relieve your customer’s biggest pain points or solve the business challenges that give them headaches, you will amplify the level of trust between your organizations.”

   • Uffizio enjoys the strongest and most stable management team which promises long term presence in the market.

   • Our existing partner has full confidence in us while competitors are downsizing, we are adding more and more manpower to handle our partner’s technical requirement which helps them to stand on top among other telematics players. 

5) Global Presence

We have a global presence in around 50+ Countries with 300,000+ units are being tracked under our vehicle tracking solution.

   • Uffizio is becoming a market leader in the telematics industry mainly due to its strengthening position in the domestic market and remarkable growth internationally, all thanks to our strong presence in the key market.

   • We at Uffizio leverage on hardworking internationally oriented staffs at home to support the overseas market energetically and effectively.

6. Our best GPS Tracking Solution

Trakzee: Trakzee, the best fleet management software that is compatible with all types of vehicle tracking devices. Apart from real-time tracking, it offers advanced functionalities such as monitoring driving behavior, multiple analytics, and charts.

SmartBus: SmartBus, the best school bus GPS tracking software which is divided into three part: Parents, Driver and School Management. It also works as a GPS base school bus tracking system because student safety is our main concern.

LogyTrak: Logytrak, a supply chain management software. It manages all the activity like transportation arrangements, inventory management, order entry, tour planning, fleet management and also provide the ocean, air as well as ground shipments consolidations.

TaskEye: TaskEye is the best field task management system. The features we offer in Taskeye are project management, field staff real-time tracking, task status, task summary with notes, images and recordings.


Profoundly we consider our customers as true partners as their success is interpreted into our own. Our main motto is not bound to consider the sale as a destination. Instead, we learned to practice business as a journey with the objective of creating value for the customer as well as for the company. Thousands of happy and satisfied customers in five continents prove Uffizio’s contemporary approach toward Telematic industry.


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