Augmented Reality from Transylvania

19 Sep 2019

Augmented Reality from Transylvania

Augmented Reality from Transylvania

“Unrealoptic” means innovation, courage and wisdom. Our company develops innovative software solutions based on Augmented Reality. As a devoted long-term partner, we catch the dreams of clients and turn them into reality, through leading-edge technologies.

”Unreal optic” is the unexpected journey of a special solution that will reconstruct your business. It means time, money and comfort! It’s just the good news that you have expected an entire life for your business: what you have considered to be impossible, it’s here and real! It’s called: „you can actually see the impossible with our software solution!”


We know that Augmented Reality is the Future for your business success. That’s why we have created special software programmes for you.

Master OneAR: the unReal optic solution & training for your business success!

Master OneAr is a special training solution for maintenance and repairing. Is „unreal” because it offers time and money to your pocket, but is realistic because is based on augmented reality that gives valuable and intuitive instruction to your problems, immediately.

Master OneAR is a content creation platform that gives you the fastest access to working instructions through augmented reality (AR) technology. Using Master OneAR in a branched workflow means the best real-time solution to fix the problem, providing intuitive and visual instructions. Using smart devices you have the key to visualize in 3D generated images & videos the components and to get 3D instructions.

Master OneAR connects you all over the world with experts that can give you live assistance.  Being connected through Master OneAR, „they can see what you see” so they can give you useful instructions and guidance. They will be connected to your needs in real-time using smart glasses or smart devices.

Master OneAR solution gives you money and comfort because it significantly reduces the intervention time on regularly maintenance procedures. Also, you cannot lose anything because all data’s are stored on a server.


AR Assistance (ARA): the unReal remote assistance & support!

AR Assistance (ARA) is an application designed for innovative companies. It is ideal for monitoring one-site services. ARA uses remote mobile assistance & support based on live audio and video streaming.

ARA is Intuitive, Smart and Available!

ARA is excellent for maintenance & repairing: when operating various procedures, technicians can use ARA to receive ASAP live video and audio support from experts all over the world. The experts will provide useful instructions, indicating visual elements which can be seen by the technician on smart devices in real-time.

ARA is also an innovative solution for training & business meetings: imagine you can be a „Kingsman”. Using ARA you can sit „at the round table” with your team, making a presentation or pointing KPIs.  Each member of the team can be in different locations.

ARchitect: the unReal solution for your sales!

ARchitect is an application designed for architecture, construction and real estate companies. It is the modern way of presenting projects to your clients in an accurate and interactive visualize of their dream houses. By using ARchitect, you will just increase your sales!

You can feel your dream house before it is built. You can move the furniture, you can imagine where to create your relaxing zone, you can change the walls or you can design your desires. How? It is unRealistically easy. Using ARchitect, the 3D sketches will be converted into the application and there you have the unique chance to show your client, on a smart device, how his dream house is going to look like, right on the building site. The client can select de model, can select furniture or art deco elements, can change their position or just play with it until he will be satisfied.

With ARchitect, you just CAN!


All our solutions are customized!


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