SOLUT happy to demonstrate their technology at GITEX 2018

22 Sep 2018

SOLUT happy to demonstrate their technology at GITEX 2018

SOLUT is B2B, AI-powered motion recognition SaaS company.

Our product is innovative Manual labor monitoring System.

SOLUT is developing a project in the field of industrial IoT, aiming at the analysis of employees time use. The purpose of the project is to increase productivity of any physical work, by creating wearable devices that can intelligently detect and track workers useful activities. Devices are sewn into the clothing and record the activity (motion of hands and body) of workers during the day, recognizing the activities specific to each particular specialty. From the output of each device, we generate a report showing the percentage of useful work and useless actions (relaxation, downtime, and so forth) done by the worker.

This allows the employer to fundamentally change the approach to motivating employees. Based on data of our pilot projects, we appraise the effect from our System usage in 10-30% increase of labor productivity, depending on the industry where the solution is applied.

Added focus:

  • Best practices: identify high performers and use their experience to scale up their experience to other employees.
  • Health & safety: recognition of whether an employee uses personal protective equipment, recognition of prohibited operations.
  • Quality control: improve the quality of critical processes (control over the sequence and duration of operations within a process).

SOLUT was founded in 2017, by scientists of the computer center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and top manager of a large industrial company. SOLUT is a subsidiary of FORECSYS, which since 2000 has been engaged in Russian AI and machine learning, and is one of the leading companies in this field. Our team includes leading Russian specialists in the field of machine learning and AI, Ph.D. and Masters of MIPT.


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