RP70 - Rugged Mobile Computer Product Profile

01 Dec 2018

RP70 - Rugged Mobile Computer Product Profile

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RP70 - Rugged Mobile Computer Product Profile

Gen2wave are leading this evolution by manufacturing cutting edge technology that improves how companies operate worldwide. Gen2wave specialises in creating high-performance, rugged products that provide a convenient, user friendly experience. Their RP Series of mobile computers achieves this by bridging the gap between the rugged handheld device and smartphone. The RP70 tablet embodies both rugged features and a compact, easy-to-use design.

Designed to be mobile

Workers who are constantly on the move need a device that can be put away at a moment’s notice and won’t restrict their movement through the working day. The RP70 is just 19mm thick which is slimmer than the average rugged tablet currently on the market, allowing users to handle and transport the tablet with great ease. The RP70 weighs just 600 grams, freeing users to operate throughout their day with minimal effort and hassle.

The RP70 mobile applications are further extended when used with the professional vehicle cradle. The vehicle mount comes with a range of extensions including Ethernet, HDMI, Serial, USB and flexible customisation. When mounted, the RP70 provides everything the data operator needs to complete their tasks more accurately, and the ability to log information is always at their fingertips.


Ready to be stored

The RP70 can be fixed to a desktop cradle, creating either a space for completing stationary tasks or a holding place for when it’s not in use. Similar to the vehicle mount, the desktop cradle has a range of extension capabilities including Ethernet, HDMI, Serial, USB and an additional battery charging slot.

The fine-tip stylus pen that comes with the RP70 as standard partners particularly well with the desktop cradle. Its pinpoint precision combined with the stability of being fixed in a desktop cradle allows workers to complete tasks faster and more accurately.


Born to thrive in extreme environments

Gen2wave’s RP70 proves it’s born to thrive in extreme environments with a certified IP 65 sealing and anti-shock features that survive 1.2 metre drops to concrete. The RP70 touchscreen is equipped with 3rd generation Gorilla Glass, providing extreme resistance against shocks and scratches. Rugged features like these free workers from the worry of damaging their tablet in harsh conditions.

From the scorching heat to the freezing cold, the RP70 can operate in temperatures ranging from to -20℃ to 60℃ and can be stored in temperatures ranging from to -30℃ to 70℃. Building the RP70 to withstand these extreme temperatures prepares the tablet for cold storage units and hot manufacturing plants.

The RP70 rain mode enables the tablet to sense precise points of the user’s finger during rain and snow without causing erroneous input. Workers outside the four walls can continue their field service tasks without interruption.


Made to last

The RP70 design enables users to easily remove and replace the battery without having to reboot the device, increasing the tablet’s use time and allowing operators to conduct work in the field for longer. Batteries come in the standard 3.7V/5,600mAH and an extended 3.7V/10,050mAH.


Easy to set up

Larger companies with whole estates of tablets may want them all setup the same way so their workers can pick up any tablet and know how to use it. Auto-setup not only allows a group of RP70s to be setup the same way, it also allows multiple tablets to be installed at the same time.

Personalisation doesn’t stop there; the RP70 can have 6 different keys re-mapped to meet the users’ specific needs. These re-maps can be replicated and mass-set in Auto-setup so all RP70s in the estate function identically.


Equipped for capture data

Users can capture a variety of data types thanks to the combination of cameras, a built-in 2D imager and a NFC reader. The RP70 has a 2 megapixel fixed-focus front-facing camera and 8 megapixel auto-focus rear-facing camera. Both cameras make photographing data the easiest it can be, no matter the angle. Equipped with a 2D imager, scanning can take place on both printed surfaces and barcodes in a digital format. Near field communication extends the type of documentation the RP70 can read, reducing the need for additional devices.


Powered by Android and Windows

Currently powered by a full Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS, the option to purchase a RP70 equipped with Android Nougat will be available soon. Providing both operating systems allows users to select the OS that they are most familiar with, and can use straight away.

When professional tablets have an advanced operating system, the enterprise device can be locked down to prevent users accessing system settings, tampering with user interfaces and gaining sensitive information. An additional security feature is the RP70 screen lock mode. When in screen lock mode, all work and programmes are left running safely while the user’s concentration is away from the device. 


Gen2wave’s RP70 is available from Varlink now. Varlink is a specialist trade only distributor, established in 2005, working exclusively with IT Resellers, System Integrators and Solution Providers. Varlink distribute a comprehensive range of EPOS and Mobile computing products and hold an unparalleled knowledge of the industry. Varlink have a single goal; to be the best Value Added Distributor of Mobile Computing and EPoS Hardware in the UK.

For more information about the RP70, visit www.Varlink.co.uk/Gen2wave-RP70


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