Pioneering Tech Solutions from MicroCenter

30 Aug 2018

Pioneering Tech Solutions from MicroCenter

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Pioneering Tech Solutions from MicroCenter

MicroCenter Group has been a leading expert in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1983.

It is specialised in Geospatial-GIS consulting and software solutions, utility survey and geodata, ICT business solutions, software integration, ERP and smart card solutions and Geospatial and ICT training.

The group was founded by Dr Ghulum Bakiri – a respected veteran in the IT industry and a pioneer in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) education in Bahrain.

Over the last three decades, MicroCenter has facilitated and supported government and businesses, with innovative and best-value Geospatial solutions on the Esri ArcGIS and other technology platforms; for the development of Geospatial and IT Infrastructure framework.

In recent years, MicroCenter enhanced its portfolio into three key technology areas – 3D Laser Scanning Technology-LiDar, Ground Penetrating Radar-GPR and Building Information Modelling-BIM.

Professionals from the architecture, engineering and construction industry, ministries and government, industrial facilities and businesses are constantly striving to improve precision in data quality, greater efficiency in surveying cum data collection techniques and Building Information Modelling-BIM process.

Their ultimate aim is to save time and money, increase speed and efficiency at work, mitigate risk, and improve the safety of projects, they execute.

One single and emerging technology impacting all these areas is 3D laser scanning (LiDar), which is transforming the way surveying, engineering and construction project documentation, mapping, as-built and BIM is done.

MicroCenter’s solutions and services are intended for the architecture, engineering and construction industry, government, industrial facilities, construction projects, buildings and other businesses such as; metro and rail road, smart city design, ship building, historical monuments, stadiums and more.

Microcenter’s service offering uses two advanced technology platforms; Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanning-LiDar for above ground capture, documentation and modelling as well as Ground Penetrating Radar-GPR for below ground capture and documentation (up to 7-10 metres below ground level).

These techniques and the technology secure MicroCenter’s capability of producing precise and multidimensional outputs from one single laser scan data; like orthoimage, contour, elevation and terrain model – DEM and DTM, planimetric detailing and as-built-infrastructure that includes roads, assets, utility network and vegetation, all the way up to 3D city models and BIM.

The MicroCenter BIM offerings are for a variety of projects.

Two platforms are used – laser scan to BIM and 2D drawing to BIM, to develop Building Information Model for existing, conceptual, under construction and post construction projects.

The output of the process will be the BIM in 3D (width, height, and depth) with inclusion of time, cost and as-built operations (4D, 5D, 6D).

A significant part of MicroCenter’s service delivery is not just a CAD, but will be based on a complete process flow.

Its approach comprises of; acquisition of 3D LiDar data, data processing, producing multiple outputs, 3D modelling and BIM, deliverables in CAD, Revit and Esri format and then integration of 3D data to Esri ArcGIS Pro Application and dissemination of information on the web for users.

3D Laser scanning technology has tremendous advantages over conventional surveying techniques including rapid data acquisition, being cost effective and more.

To conclude, 3D laser scanning is quickly becoming the norm in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. 3D laser scanning is transforming the way surveying, mapping and modelling is done.

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