Nisum Plans to Launch NoiseGrasp for GCC market at GITEX 2019

22 Sep 2019

Nisum Plans to Launch NoiseGrasp for GCC market at GITEX 2019

NISUM Hall: Hall 7A Stand: 7A-E12
Nisum Plans to Launch NoiseGrasp for GCC market at GITEX 2019
Make Sense, Not Noise

NoiseGrasp is a marketing mix optimization platform allowing advertisers to decide, plan and control their marketing efforts.

Industries such as Retail/eCommerce, CPG, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Airlines, Telecom, Finance/Insurance and many more can benefit from understanding which advertising, pricing and/or distributions efforts yield the highest return and make their marketing strategies as efficient as possible.

One unique aspect of NoiseGrasp’s technology, which has been proven over the past years, is its flexibility and adaptability to work across borders in multiple countries and regions. Our modeling approach allows us to easily tune the model to the local reality of our clients, accounting for their macroeconomic and political landscape in order to make the model’s results as accurate as possible.

NoiseGrasp is currently the most advanced Marketing Analytics solution in the market, allowing advertisers to accurately identify and quantify the impact of controllable and uncontrollable business drivers, providing detailed recommendations on the optimal strategy to follow across ad spending in terms of media mix, product allocation, and geographical targets, as well as pricing (relative to the market/competition) and distribution (number of stores, shelf share, product mix, etc.). The predictive aspect of our models help advertisers anticipate to the results of different strategies and/or changes in the environment, providing the most valuable tool for planning ahead.

To do this we’ve taken a completely new approach to the problem, leveraging the latest in Semi-Parametric Bayesian Modeling combined with advanced machine learning techniques and state-of-the-art cloud and parallelized GPU computing.

Our solution has been tested and validated initially, with vast success, in Latin America, with a private-beta launch into the US and GCC markets in 2019, now looking to fully unveil the latest version of it in 2020.



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