Learn how Flussonic helps build a major OTT video service provider for any consumer demand at GITEX 2018

23 Sep 2018

Learn how Flussonic helps build a major OTT video service provider for any consumer demand at GITEX 2018


Flussonic is a unique software suite that powers up hundreds of OTT video providers in all segments since 2010: IPTV, corporate communications, CCTV, home security, etc. IBM, Gazprom, Lukoil, Ufanet, Balitower, IdenTV, Rostelecom, Arbitration Court and other companies and government institutions proudly use our software. We build a universal platform to grant ultimate setup flexibility and cost efficiency. The Flussonic ecosystem allows a company to quickly respond to consumer needs, launch new products, and gain significant market share. Our tools integrate with each other seamlessly, and you can solely rely upon Flussonic in the IPTV or video surveillance workflow engineering.

Start with Flussonic Media Server - core technology that empowers all transсoding and video delivery tasks, and you get a perfect technological basis for IPTV or VOD. Expand it with Flussonic Watcher, and your video surveillance service is ready to launch - no need for extra integration expenses. Flussonic uses server and network resources smartly, which makes it remarkably resistant to high load. This way, we take hardware into consideration despite the fact that Flussonic stays hardware-independent. We event went further into the field where no other video delivery system developers ever focused - IP cameras firmware and middleware.

Security is always the first matter of concern for video surveillance users: no one wants his video to become available to public or hackers. Usual basic setups, made by non-expert administrators, include lots of exploits: default passwords in cameras firmware, unsecured video channels, unbacked video recorders on the venue and so on. Flussonic provides solution to these common problems: we upgrade cameras with safe and advanced Flussonic Agent software, use SSL encoding to transfer video, provide cloud-based storage for recordings. If someone decided to inflict harm on your property - be sure you can get his footage until he cuts the cameras from electricity.

As a result, Flussonic has become an end-to-end program complex, which runs most of the server jobs, keeps video traffic secure, fast, and smooth, as well as helps in administration, planning the services, and storing data. Hundreds of clients choose Flussonic for its outstanding performance and bundle of tailor-made features like: subtitles OCR, watermarking, low latency player, EPG and so on.We encourage our clients and partners to expand constantly, launch new products, go into new markets, and become true 360-degree service providers, that constantly stand by every industry branch from IPTV to CCTV systems. Flussonic seeks to remain future-proof not only in technology, but also in business approach and vision.


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