Ilantus' Compact Identity Revolutionizes Cloud IAM for Businesses of All Sizes

Ilantus' Compact Identity Revolutionizes Cloud IAM for Businesses of All Sizes

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Security is the prime concern of organizations today, irrespective of their size and rightly so. As much as larger enterprises seem to be susceptible to data breaches, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are more vulnerable to such attacks due to the lack of capable security measures in place. Understanding this, Ilantus brings a solution whose benefits can be reaped by all. Compact Identity is a breakthrough that is bound to transform the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain in a direction to provide security combined with productivity for every organization.

Access Management and Identity Governance on the cloud, a pre-configured trial, a setup wizard, and free 24 hours specialist support. Add ultra-affordable pricing and comprehensive enterprise-class features to get Compact Identity - an IAM breakthrough that challenges the status quo. 


Identity and Access Management (IAM) has become a part of the core infrastructure rather than an optional security solution. Organizations, regardless of their headcount, are challenged by issues that can only be solved by IAM solutions. 


Besides, small organizations require IAM more urgently than larger ones do. They rarely have adequate IT support, cannot afford top information security professionals to manage identities and secure access to fine-grained entitlements. These, however, are aspects that an IAM system handles with ease. Current IAM solutions, however, are beyond their competence or budget. 


Large organizations, on the other hand, struggle to implement IAM due to long evaluation cycles, high capital implementation, management costs, and having to deal with multiple vendors.


Ilantus' Compact Identity is the first IAM platform in the world that eliminates all hurdles for both small and large organizations. It contains all necessary solution elements including Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration, wrapped in a deceptively simple consumer-class user experience.


Besides the technology, Ilantus' highly skilled IAM experts have invested more than 3,000 hours of their time in building a setup wizard and ample support resources. Together these resources make it possible for anyone to implement the solution with minimal IT support.


Starting at a flat rate of $199 per month (limited time offer), Compact Identity makes IAM affordable for the very first time.


Binod Singh, CEO, Ilantus looks at Compact Identity as the need of the hour. He says, "Whether you are a CEO, an IT/security professional or an IAM expert, I urge you to share this breakthrough with your organization. Securing the world, after all, is everyone's responsibility."


Backed by over 19 years of IAM expertise, Ilantus is a global provider of pure cloud Identity and Access Management solutions. We strive to make World-class, Economical, and Intelligent IAM accessible to all organizations. Ilantus was recently named an Innovation Leader by Kuppinger Cole, the most acknowledged IAM-only analyst.


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