GIGABYTE @ GITEX 2019: Solutions to Enable Your Digital Transformation

17 Sep 2019

GIGABYTE @ GITEX 2019: Solutions to Enable Your Digital Transformation

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Hall: Hall 7 Stand: H7-15

GIGABYTE has been in the server hardware business for over 20 years, supplying some of the biggest cloud and HPC customers and always striving to clearly understand our customers’ requirements to produce precisely designed server systems. As we know that our customers will meet many challenges building the IT infrastructure to support these smart technologies, we are moving from not only building hardware, but providing complete solutions that can meet and solve these challenges. We are excited to showcase some of these solutions at GITEX 2019.

Hybrid Cloud Solution on H261-H61

Big Data collection and analysis and / or machine learning to enable smart technologies requires back-end compute, GPU compute and storage infrastructure. Building this infrastructure on premises is expensive. Using public cloud services could be an option, but not when you need to keep your sensitive data on premises.

Cloud Fusion is GIGABYTE’s hybrid cloud management platform, allowing you to virtualize and share your bare metal CPU and GPU resources for maximized efficiency while keeping your sensitive data on-premises. Cloud Fusion also connects with public cloud services, allowing you utilize extra capacity when required and deploy your applications outward once your AI training or analytics is completed.


Software Defined Storage on S451-3R0

A hybrid cloud also requires a storage cluster, to store your Big Data or machine learning dataset.

VirtualStor is GIGABYTE’s high performance software defined storage solution that can migrate and combine all your legacy storage media into a single virtual storage pool to simply management, and can be partitioned into block, object or file storage depending on the application.


DNN Training Appliance on G481-HA1

To generate a Deep Neural Networks model needed to enable AI products and services, a developer will need to go through many steps, such as dataset collection, conversion, cleaning, labeling and augmentation, model selection and design, hyperparameters tuning, and model format conversion, training and evaluation. All steps require different tools and settings that need a large amount of time and effort.

GIGABYTE’s DNN Training Appliance aims to reduce this headache by combining all these steps complete training and management platform featuring a web-browser based interface. Built on GIGABYTE’s G481-HA1 single root server with NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, the Appliance is fully optimized to reduce DNN training time and improve accuracy.


Liquid Cooling Solution on H261-Z61

Machine learning and AI requires high-powered CPUs and GPUs that generate a lot of heat. The air cooling required for these components will consume massive amounts of power. Especially in hot regions such as the Middle East, electricity bills for air conditioning of data centers will be huge.

GIGABYTE is there co-operating with a variety of partners to offer our servers with different liquid cooling solutions for our customers, such as direct-to-chip and immersion cooling solutions. Liquid is a much more efficient way of transferring heat away from electrical components than air, therefore much less energy is required for cooling, reducing both electricity costs and environmental impact.


Enterprise Computing Solutions: R282-Z92 & R281-T91

GIGABYTE will also showcase a selection from our wide range of enterprise computing server solutions, such as our newest AMD EPYC 7002 Series “Rome” server platforms or our unique Marvell Arm ThunderX2 server platforms.

You can find GIGABYTE during GITEX 2019 at Hall 7 Stand: H7-15. We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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