Geoscan Group

Geoscan Group

Geoscan Hall: Hall 2 Stand: H2-B23

Geoscan - Unmanned aerial systems for professionals

Geoscan Group is Russian manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and developer of photogrammetric data processing and three-dimensional data visualization software.

Geoscan specializes on production of 2 types of UAV: fixed-wing and multirotor. One of the main advantages of our UAVs is inhouse Russian-based production. Production line uses only few components of third-parties production. Prevailing part of own developed components allows to reduce prime costs seriously.

Our electronic equipment and UAV production facilities, design and software developments located in 5,500 m2 area in St.Petersburg. Geoscan group has offices in Moscow, Belgorod and Surgut.

Geoscan supplies its products to 12 countries. The unique advantages of Geoscan technology are record length and duration of flight. Quality of our UAVs allows to compete and surpass most of the global equivalents.

Major accomplishments

Geoscan is the first company in the world that solve the problem in artificial intelligence field automatic 3D-modeling based on a series of multi angle images. This software – Agisoft Metashape – is used in cinematography, game development, archeology, mapping, cadaster and construction monitoring. Metashape is currently supplied to 131 countries worldwide.

Geoscan Group is the only company in the world that owns all the necessary components of UAV technology for aerial photography and geo exploration, including avionics, sensors, communication and ground control systems, fixed-wing UAVs and copters production facilities, software for data processing and visualization, services for mapping, cities modelling, drone light shows, etc.


  • Unique technology for carrying out large-scale cadastral works, that allows to reduce expenses several times;
  • The largest UAV-using project in the world – large-scale 3D model of the entire Tula region was fulfilled by processing 6.000.000 aerial photos.
  • Development of 3D geo info system and technology for building up 3D geo portals;
  • Development of unique technology for integrated power line monitoring using UAVs;
  • Development of quantum magnetometer for geological exploration with technology for unmanned magnetic exploration.

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