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nextScan & ST Imaging Hall: Concourse 2 Stand: CC2-26
FlexView Microfilm Conversion Scanner

nextScan and ST Imaging, both divisions of Digital Check Corp. and leaders in micrographics conversion products, have combined their technologies to create a low-cost production microfilm scanner.

Bruce Rennecker, General Manager of nextScan and ST Imaging, states, “Our company’s mission is to help organizations quickly, efficiently, and economically covert their microfilm archives to preserve their film history. We’ve found many organizations are unable to convert their film due to budget constraints. The FlexView scanner will allow organizations to digitize film in-house and within budget, using internal staff and on their own schedule.”

Kurt Breish, VP of Engineering for nextScan and ST Imaging, says, “We are proud to introduce a new lower cost scanner to complement our industry leading high-end production microfilm and microfiche scanners. The FlexView is designed with all of nextScan’s production scanning technologies in a small form factor. The FlexView is powered by nextScan’s industry leading NextStar PLUS software, featuring ribbon scanning, a technique pioneered by nextScan that captures 100% of the film surface preventing any lost images or re-scans. Initially, the FlexView will be released in two models capable of reading 150 or 300 pages per minute. It will be optimized for production scanning and creation of nextScan’s Virtual Film database for easy access and viewing of digital film libraries.”

Features of the FlexView include an easy-to-load film path that prevents stretched images and damage to film; automatic film classification and frame detection; tri-level blip mark detection; flexible file naming and index file generation; LuminTec Stroboscopic LED illumination for exceptional image quality and OCR results; quick fix features for rotate, mirror, crop, de-skew, de-speckle, image; and edge enhancement. NextStar PLUS ribbon scanning also allows for post scan correction, remote auditing and advanced indexing features.

Contact nextScan sales at internationalsales@nextscan.com or by calling 208-514-4000.


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