Fetus Camera M1

Fetus Camera M1

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Fetus Camera M1
See your baby any time any where!

The Fetus Camera M1 is the world’s first handheld camera that allows expectant mothers an incredible glimpse into the progress of their pregnancy and the development of their new child.

Using soundwaves and a mobile application, mothers are able to share the magic of pregnancy visually, capturing every magical moment right up until birth.

Following an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised over HK$1,000,000, the Fetus Camera M1 is now being released to the wider market, and is ready to give mothers the power to see the newest member of their family anytime, anywhere.

Features of the Camera

The Fetus Camera M1 is the world’s first home ultrasound camera. 

The Fetus Camera M1 uses soundwave technology to bring even more happiness to an expectant family, and help everyone share some of the joy of pregnancy. It allows mothers-to-be to take photos and videos of their unborn babies in the comfort of their own home, without the need to arrange a doctor’s appointment.

The concept is heartwarming, and really rather simple, which is great! With just a Wi-Fi connection and a mobile app, the Fetus Camera M1 turns your device into a handheld ultrasound scanner, and allows you and your family to share in the magic as your baby grows.

The Fetus Camera M1 is composed of a handheld camera, and an application downloaded onto your mobile device or tablet. The camera captures 2D and 3D images as pictures or video straight onto your phone, bringing you face to face with the newest member of your family for the first time.

You don’t need to worry about carrying it around, either. The Fetus Camera M1 is small, light, and completely portable. With an attractive and safe case you can take it anywhere, meaning mothers never have to worry about missing a moment of their baby’s growth, wherever they are.

How it works

The Fetus Camera M1 is incredibly simple to use. By applying a special coupling gel, and gently pressing the handheld camera on the mother’s belly, that first amazing image of your baby will appear on your screen within minutes.  

Using small movements from the camera itself, and simple in-app controls and functions, it is remarkably easy to capture images of your unborn baby from every angle. It is equally easy to capture video in Pro Mode, showing your baby’s first movements, kicks, and even a heartbeat.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Fetus Camera M1 is its proprietary 3D imaging technology. The Advanced Mode adds another layer of extraordinary visual magic, generating a full three dimensional image of your unborn child, and giving you an amazing first look at your baby. Expectant mothers are now able to see and record every movement of their baby in 3D, and interact with them face to face.

The mobile app allows you to bring these amazing pictures of your child to life, and create an incredible gallery of unique photos and video. It also allows fast, simple sharing, so your family and friends can see this life-changing experience for themselves. This new tech is the first time you can share your baby’s journey, every step of the way, and will bring you special moments you will cherish forever.

But it is not just about taking the earliest family photos imaginable. The Fetus Camera M1 has an immensely practical and safety-conscious side. The camera allows mothers to monitor their baby’s development, empowering you to see your baby throughout pregnancy, not just during formal checkups, but also on your terms.

What people say

The Fetus Camera M1 has been internationally acclaimed as a great example of emerging technology, and how technology can genuinely improve people’s daily lives.

It was featured at the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair in 2019, and has won a range of awards, including a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions 2018 in Geneva, as well as a Japan Good Design Award in 2017, and a CES Innovation Award in 2019.

It has also received extremely favorable media coverage, being described as one of the examples of Best Emerging Technology by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It has also been held up as a potential solution for low birth rates by Business BFM, France’s first business news channel.

The Fetus Camera M1 is a life-changing piece of emerging technology, allowing mothers and families to get closer to the miracle of pregnancy than ever before.

The Fetus Camera M1 uses proprietary technology to provide unprecedented, extraordinary details of your unborn baby, allowing expectant mothers to capture every wonderful moment of their pregnancy.

With its lightweight and comfortable design, the camera can be taken anywhere and used everywhere, meaning you need never miss a moment of your baby’s development. The camera captures photographs, videos, and even generates a 3D image of your baby. The app is easy to use, and allows you to immediately create beautiful galleries of your ultrasound images, and share them with your friends and family on social media.

Capture the first smile of a new life, with the Fetus Camera M1.

The Fetus Camera M1 is available to buy from a range of international online retailers, including Amazon, Alibaba, and Big Big Shop.

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Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong)Limited

Easy Ultrasound, Home Ultrasound is what Marvoto delivery. Marvoto Technology  (Hong Kong)Limited established in Oct 2018 in Hong Kong, PRC. It focuses on hand-held 3D ultrasound application, in terms of smart algorithms and artificial intelligence. Compared with professional and complicated applications in hospitals, Marvoto Technology provides individuals a much easier way to scan and check the inside body at home.



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