Cerebro Software

10 Sep 2019

Cerebro Software

Cerebro Inc Hall: Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand: SR-C30
Cerebro Software

Cerebro is a collaborative working environment suitable for projects of unlimited complexity. This is a tool for planning, task distribution, and execution monitoring. It offers unique features in terms of data storage and sharing, as well as visual annotations for any working materials.


Streamline end-to-end development, from asset creation to customer feedback. Review project status, assign jobs, distribute work – as easily as if you were in a meeting room with your team. Create new projects with ease and quickly estimate both the timeframe and workload per employee.

Set deadlines, assign tasks to team members, and track real-time project progress.

Cerebro covers every aspect of the work process: from project structuring to file exchange and messaging to tracking of financial metrics. Whether you are a corporate marketing department, an architect firm or an animation studio, Cerebro is tailored to suit all your needs.

Take advantage of Cerebro’s numerous built-in connectors to integrate with external software. Use any software packages to work on your tasks; Cerebro will provide seamless data access and make sure the most current versions of your working files are published.



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