• Virtual reality, often pictured on the heads of avid gamers in the U.S., is finding a new purpose in an unexpected place: pediatric pain management. Clinical psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gold, director of ...
  • Lucid Pay, a smart settlement platform, has integrated blockchain technology into the systems of the Atlantis, The Palm, claiming to make it the first for hotels worldwide.
  • The region’s biggest technology event is geared up to welcome and wow you. Still need a reason to come? We’ll give you 7! 1. BILLIONS ON THE LINE!  Gartner reports that the total market value of the M ...
  • Smart phones, smart fridges, smart cities — everything is increasingly connected to everything else. The internet-of-things revolution has brought new (and often frivolous) features to the most mundan ...
  • Credit: KhaleejTimes As we look towards the future, we can already see how artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to change the way we live and interact together as humans. What many of us don't con ...
  • The launch of 5G technology by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE (TRA) is a landmark leap in the journey towards innovating a wide spectrum of sectors – right from education to he ...


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