Spotlight: Security, Education & Technology in the 21st Century


Spotlight: Security, Education & Technology in the 21st Century

09 Oct 2019
Vertical Stage 2, Za'abeel Hall 6

As the first female Minister of Defence of the Maldives, Mariya Didi is responsible not only for soldiers and troops but also for who and what gets in and out of the borders, saving the day when disaster strikes literally, and keeping her island home away from trouble, whether on land, in air or at sea. With water forming 99.7 percent of the 1,200-island resource-strapped archipelago, and climate change and sea-level rise putting the collective future of over 450,000 people dispersed across 200 islands at risk, the tripartite challenge of achieving sustainable security, education and technology is one that keeps her awake at night. In her speech, Mariya Didi will share her insights on how education and technology can come together to help us achieve greater security, by preparing the next generation of thinkers and doers for a world where jobs will not be anything like we see today. She will draw on her vast repertoire of political and legal experience to explain how a mindset of change needs to be cultivated in the classrooms of today. 

Her Excellency Uza. Mariya Didi, Minister of Defence - Republic of Maldives

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