Is Your Digital Infrastructure Ready for the Technology Economy?


Is Your Digital Infrastructure Ready for the Technology Economy?

10 Oct 2019
BICSI Workshop

Remaining competitive in today's global marketplace largely depends on the reliability of your digital infrastructure. While switches and servers are replaced when a new generation of technology comes along, we expect our existing digital infrastructure to support these new advancements. It is therefore essential to plan and invest accordingly in a properly tested and certified digital infrastructure to ensure that the high expectations now and down the road are met. New applications such as Power over Ethernet and Lighting add new facets to the need for an efficient and future-ready infrastructure. This presentation will explore the best practices, normative requirements, test regimes, project management, and more to help determine if your digital infrastructure is ready for the technology economy—including steps to take if your current infrastructure does not meet future needs.

Christian Schillab, EMEA Marketing Engineer - Fluke Networks

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