Intelligent Security: Incorporating Big Data into Security Policies


Intelligent Security: Incorporating Big Data into Security Policies

07 Oct 2019
Hall 1
Tech Talks

With its unprecedented specificity and scale, Data Analytics has enabled enterprises to collect and analyze terabytes of data relevant to different fields, one of which is Security. Organizations are able to collect data related to network, software and application, hardware and infrastructure, and users' behavior. This information is used in creating a more enforceable, inclusive and adaptable security policy. 

 Albeit promising, this comes with challenges; privacy, authenticity and provenance of data to name a few. The panelists will discuss these challenges and how organizations can make the most out of the information collected, while mitigating the effects of inconsistent data

Kuldeep Bhatnagar, Advisor - AD Environmental Authority
Afzal Ibrahim, VP, Head of R&D Future Lab - ENBD
Hoda Al Khzaimi, Director of Center of Cyber Security - New York University Abu Dhabi

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