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CIPS UAE Powered Workshop - AI in Procurement


CIPS UAE Powered Workshop - AI in Procurement

10 Oct 2019
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is a fast developing area that is impacting procurement and supply chain functions which will continue to shape the profession. 
AI can automate numerous procurement and supply chain processes and can perform risk mitigation by analysing large sets of data and identify trends.  
As artificial intelligence (AI) progresses the applications  stir discussion and thought processes that could lead to raising productivity levels, increase growth potential and generate competitive advantage.
Key benefits for AI in procurement and supply chain:
 • Automation of predictive maintenance and demand forecasting
• Production line efficiencies, removal of manual tasks
• Self optimised inventory management
• IOT Asset tracking 
• Machine wear analysis and component replacement
• Planning efficiencies with automated order generation
• Chatbots Supporting Sourcing
• Demand planning projection based on consumer data analysis
• Automated pick, pack and dispatch
• Invoice checkingDigitizing supply chains and procurement processes are allowing many early adopters pilot and use AI solutions.
Lalit Dhamija, Chartered fellow - Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

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