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Green Cell

Green Cell manufactures devices related to energy storage and meant for everyday use, such as laptop batteries and chargers, batteries for power tools, batteries for E-Bikes, power banks, UPS systems, USB chargers and a lot of other accessories.


Green Cell
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  • The Green Cell Pro laptop power supply units mean reliability and quality that are quickly experienced. With high-quality materials and perfect component matching, the power supply guarantees full compatibility with the equipment.


  • To maximize the convenience of using cables, we have increased its length by 20cm in comparison to standard ones, which make them more practical without the impression of excessive length. We also equipped them with a backlight different for each plug - green for USB Type C, white for Lightning and yellow for Micro USB. Thanks to this, finding the right cable in the dark and connecting it to your device becomes really easy, few wires plugged into the multiport charger looks extremely futuristic.

  • Green Cell Ultra batteries are a solution for all users who need to be certain that their laptop will run for a long time without external support. The GC Ultra battery provides not only fresh energy but also assurance of safe operation for a long time. Perfect matching of the controls and dimensions make the battery fit the physical and technological needs of the equipment.

  • With two additional ports, we have created a power bank that gives you advantage in every area. When designing Power Play10, we knew that we wanted to continue the characteristic design of our flagship power bank. For this reason, the extremely high capacity lithium polymer cells have been placed in a stylish case, which we have improved with two additional ports, and the Green Cell logo was converted into a button displaying the current power bank capacity.

  • We have developed GC Power Source from scratch. Each of its elements has been carefully designed so it works perfectly in everyday use, connecting all the mobile devices. In order to ensure full comfort you can now use only one device to power your electronics. Forget about the rest of the chargers! High durability, advanced technology, elegant design, total power of 75W and a very wide compatibility are the elements that our R&D team paid special attention to when designing this masterpiece.

  • The HUB ensures compatibility with device equipped with a USB-C port allowing even greater efficiency of your work. GC HUB 2 will be especially useful for owners of the latest laptops.

  • Don't waste your time - the GC Type 2 cable allows you to charge your electric car as quickly as possible with up to 22kW of power. Save few hours by reducing the charging time to the maximum.

  • GC Power Source means that all your chargers are now in one compact package, and so you can quickly charge your devices on a smartly organised space.

  • Created to set a new style and provide the fastest possible mobile charging for your devices. Perfect in every way PRIME is fully a masterpiece of Green Cell R&D department.

  • We are enthusiasts of energy independence and the latest technological solutions, always taking advantage of them when setting a new quality in the consumer electronics industry.

  • Green Cell - Fresh Energy

    16 Sep 2019 Green Cell

    Green Cell is an idea created in 2013 as a response to the ever-growing demand for mobility. We want to keep providing Fresh Energy and help to stay mobile in the digitalized world. 

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