Exhibitor Products

    • 4G/LTE Outdoor CPE
    • 2x SIM card slots for data plan reduntant
    • Passive PoE 12-24VDC
    • External N female connector for use any kind fo 4G antenna 
    • Weatherproof IP66
    • Robust 802.11ac Dual-band Outdoor AP/Bridge
    • OpenWrt/LEDE supported
    •  External USB port for GPS/Web Camera/4G modem
    • Support standard 802.3at/af PoE
    • External 2x N female connectors
    • 10G Selectable speed to 5G/2.5G/1G/100Mbps
    • PCI Express Rev 2.0
    • Power/Link LED indicator
    • Windows system, Windows Server, Mac OSX 10.10.3 or later and Linux 3.x driver supported
    • The world most high-end AC1900 USB adapter
    • USB 3.0 connector
    • 4x detachable antenna
    • 4x dual-band antenna
    • Included screen clip and suction cup
    • 802.3at 30Watt
    • 8/16/24 ports Gigabit PoE
    • LCD display PoE status
    • Easy control each PoE port output voltage
    • Password Protect to use LCD control
    • Max. 250 meters Cat5e cable suit for IP surveillance 

    19 Oct 2018 Frigondas Korea

    Frigondas is an appliance that combines instant cooling and microwave technology. You can heat and freeze food with a single product.

  • Data has become essential for all businesses and is today’s wealth. While handling large volume
    of data is challenging, continuous innovation enables new solutions to gather, analyze, predict and
    give sense to available data, providing operators with numerous opportunities to create value.

  • Intelligent check-in kiosks to beat the queue

    14 Oct 2018 Sharjah Airport

    The peak and troughs in the flow of passengers presents a challenge to many airlines and airports. One area where they could do with some help is to have kiosks which can be easily deployed when and where they are needed.

  • Sharjah Airport Application

    14 Oct 2018 Sharjah Airport

    New Features added to the application suchc as :



    -Peer – to – peer


    -Google traffic notifications

    -Navigate with voice

    -Boarding pass scanner

    -Parking calculator

  • AppCentrix SmartICT appeals to executives seeking to benefit from the power of hindsight today – those who understand the cost of not knowing now. We deliver understanding and insights from data capturing technologies for digital and business transformation.

  • In 2018 threat landscape for industrial infrastructures continues to evolve. In response to this, Kaspersky Lab strengthens its Industrial cybersecurity solution. We significantly reinforced our coope ...
  • The ever-growing number of high-profile cyber incidents clearly demonstrates that, in order to protect national economies and public safety, governments must withstand more complex challenges than eve ...