Exhibitor Press Releases - 2018

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  • تشارك هيئة مطار الشارقة ضمن جناح حكومة الشارقة لعرض أحدث خدماتها الإلكترونية وتطبيقاتها الذكية التي تستهدف خدمة المسافرين وراحتهم.

  • 3i TouchPoint Analytics

    14 Oct 2018 3i Technologies

    The 3i Touchpoint Analytics platform for automated speech analysis between employees and customers to improve sales, quality of service  & loyalty is presented at GITEX 2018 in Dubai (UAE).


  • 3i Data Plexus

    14 Oct 2018

    The 3i Data Plexus cloud platform for monitoring, retrieving and analyzing information from an unlimited number of data sources  is presented at GITEX 2018 in Dubai (UAE).

  • *astTECS to Present Wide Spectrum of Enterprise Communication Solutions in GITEX 2018

  • شركة سكيورتي كود تعلن عن مشاركتها في أسبوع جيتكس للتقنية2018,  أكبر معرض لتكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات في الشرق الأوسط الذي سيجمع مشاركين و زوار من أكثر من 120 دولة في دبي خلال  14-18اكتوير   

  • 2GIS

    23 Sep 2018 Team 2GIS

    2GIS as the revolutionary search and navigation platform with a highly detailed 3D map and updated information.

  • RaiBack is the smart solution for Customer Satisfaction Evaluation. It is designed to gauge customer satisfaction and collect customers feedback in every step in the customer journey.

  • -are build with Taiwan  2d engine

    -support 1D barcode, 2d barcode and the related barcodes on the screens / or cell phones

    1, BS-111: 2D handheld scanner

    2, BS-411: 2D desk top scanner 


  • 1. Slim design with metal structure

    2, true flat bezel free design 

    3. with usb hub 

    4. build in PCT touch [projective Capacitive Touch]

    5. Dual interface [VGA+DVI]



  • Re-think, Re-invent and Re-align – These are the words that Kyoto lives by.

    Visit us to learn more about how you can become the leader of your industry while doing your part for the earth.

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