Network SecurityIf you skip through every other sector of GITEX, there is one word that features throughout: security. Network security, cybercrime, IoT, mobility – it’s a key focus for IT professionals and business leaders across the world.


The cost of cybercrime in the Middle East alone is believed to be in the excess of $1 billion so GITEX Technology Week showcases the latest technology, security systems and network operating tools to keep public and private sector organisations running in a safe and efficient environment. 

  • Visitors came from 106 countries to source Network & Security Products.
  • 17,945 visitors looking to source Network & Security Products are buyers.
  • 6,819 buyers are looking to source network & security suppliers at GITEX Technology Week
  • 12,920 buyers have a budget in excess of $100,000   

Network Infrastructure & Security Facts & Figures

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