CloudWith adoption growing, service provision changing and the emergence of true cloud architecture, it’s set to be a big year for cloud computing.What is driving the growth? According to Cloud Tech, Cloud vendors are now able to offer genuine white-labeled, multi-tiered, multi-tenant, securely separated, and management-delegated solutions. And the cost effectiveness of cloud solutions is catching on with SME’s.


According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, by 2019, Middle East and Africa will have the world’s highest cloud traffic growth rate, at 41 per cent.

And data centre space has increased in the UAE and Saudi Arabian markets alone by more than 60%, helping firms overcome obstacles to cloud adoption. .

  • Visitors looking for cloud technology came from 106 countries
  • 19,505 of visitors coming to source cloud computing are buyers 
  • 6,436 are actively looking to purchase Cloud Computing
  • 13,263 buyers of cloud computing solutions have a budget in excess of $100,000  

Cloud Facts & Figures

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