3D Printing

UAE is to set to become a global hub for 3D printing by 2030

Whilst the media hype may have died down, 3D printing has made some pretty significant developments and is becoming increasingly pervaisive.3D printing is now widely used in manufacturing where it has been used to create prototypes for use in the aerospace, automotive, engineering, and medical sectors.

Why 3D printing at GITEX?

In 2016, the Dubai government released its 3D Printing Strategy announcing that 25% of all buildings will be 3D printing by 2030 whilst Dubai Health Authority aims to fast-track 3D prosthesis technology before 2021. In Saudi Arabia, the 2030 National Transformation Programme is actively promoting the application of innovative technologies to enable this initiative.

  • Visitors travelled from 87 countries to source 3D Printing, AR & VR Technology
  • 28,478 visitors came to source 3D Printing, AR & VR Tech were buyers
  • 20,219 had a purchasing budget in excess of $100,000
  • 7,885 were actively purchasing at GITEX Technology Week 

3D Printing Facts & Figures

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