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The following regulation has been introduced by DWTC Protocol and Security Department as required by the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department.



1. Temporary Contractor Badges - Local Contractors   (UAE Based):

  • Individual Application: All contractor staff must report to the cashier’s cabin at the EO Land Main Contractor Badge Collection Point (Map available on request) to collect a temporary contractor badge in exchange of a valid proof of identity which can be either a UAE labour card or a UAE national ID card or a UAE driving licence or a UAE government organisation ID card. This proof of identity will be kept at the cashier’s cabin at the Main Contractor Badge Collection Point until the contractor badge is returned. Each of these contractor badges will be charged AED 20.00 and is valid for a day (from 00:01 to 24:00). A fee of AED 100.00 will be payable at the cashier’s cabin at the Za’abeel service yard for any lost contractor badge.
  • Group Application: A contractor may also apply for DWTC contractor badges for the company’s entire team any time before the build-up starts. A representative of the company should submit the application at the cashier’s cabin at the EO Land Main Contractor Badge Collection Point along with each staff’s original proof of identity (a UAE labour card or a UAE national ID card or a UAE driving licence or a UAE government organisation ID card) that will be kept at the cashier’s cabin at the EO Land Main Contractor Badge Collection Point until the contractor badges are returned. Each of these contractor badges will be charged AED 20.00 and is valid for a day (from 00:01 to 24:00). A fee of AED 100.00 will be payable at the cashier’s cabin at the Za’abeel service yard for any lost contractor badge.

2. Temporary Contractor Badges - International Contractor Badges (non-UAE based):
All contractor staff must report to either the cashier’s cabin at the Main Contractor Badge Collection Point or at Al Wasl reception to avail of a temporary contractor badge in exchange of a passport copy. The badge will be valid for a maximum of 15 days. AED 200.00 will be charged per badge; this AED 200.00 represents an entrance fee of AED100.00 and a refundable deposit of AED100.00. The refundable deposit can be claimed upon returning the badge within 15 days from the date of payment. In the event of the badge not being returned to the cashier’s cabin at the Main Contractor Badge Collection Point or at Al Wasl reception, the deposit will not be refunded.

3. Annual Contractor Badges:
Annual contractor badges can be issued for regular contractors working at DWTC. The validity of these badges is 12 months from the time of purchase.
The price of each badge depends on the total number of badges issued for the same company.
As of the prices are as follows:

  • 0 – 99 badges AED 500.00 per badge
  • 100 – 149 badges AED 450.00 per badge
  • 150 – 199 badges AED 400.00 per badge
  • 200 – 249 badges AED 350.00 per badge
  • 250 and above AED 300.00 per badge

In order to apply for annual contractor badges, the contractor’s company should provide a soft copy of the following documents:

  • A request letter on company letterhead
  • A copy of the company trade licence
  • A copy of the valid visa and passport (on one page) of each applicant
  • A photo (JPEG format) of each applicant
  • A staff list using the format shown below

A company representative should submit all the applications to the FM Protocol and Security Department located on level 1 of DWTC Management Offices. Once the badges are issued, the representative should make the payment in advance to DWTC Finance Department Cashier’s Office located at Al Wasl Building, level 1 and collect the badges.

The company is responsible for returning the badge to DWTC when the applicant is no longer under their sponsorship. The individual or the company will have to pay a fee of AED 500.00 against a lost badge.

4. Special Contractor Badges – Valid For the Open Period of the Show:
Special Contractor Badges are available to Contractors by paying AED 150 per badge and can be ordered on site. However, these badges will be issued at the discretion of the Organiser and are only for the purpose of essential services to be carried out on the stands. Access will be permitted for one hour prior to the show open & one hour after the show has closed.



DWTC contractor badges can be collected at:

  • Cashier’s cabin at the Main Contractor Badge Collection Point for temporary and international contractor badges
  • Al Wasl reception for international contractor badges (this facility will be in operation upon prior approval)


  • DWTC contractor badge is the property of DWTC and must be used in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions
  • Under no circumstances can a contractor be admitted into the halls without showing a valid DWTC contractor badge
  • DWTC contractor badge bearers enter the complex at their own risk and DWTC holds no responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to a vehicle or property
  • Access by contractors will be restricted to the specific halls wherein build-up and tear-down are required.
  • Contractor Badges are valid for build up and tear down period only.

Stand Fitting Information

Official Service Contractors List

Please contact the DWTC Customer Contact Centre for all the services provided by DWTC:


DTWC Services: 
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Dubai World Trade Centre:
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E-mail: support@eventplus.ae
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Official Show Contractor:

DXB Live

Tel: +971 4 306 4713
Global Helpline: +971 4 389 3901
Email: DXBLiveCC@dwtc.com


On-site Handling, Shipping and Transportation:

Al Naboodah Cargo Centre LLC

Reza Ahmed
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Preferred Travel Partner:

Airlink International UAE

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Priya Konsal
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After Office hours, please contact Airlink 24 Hours Help Desk:

Tel.: +971 4 286 8019 · Mob.: +971 50 455 4386 · Toll Free: 800 4899 · E-Mail: 24hours@airlink.ae

Website: www.airlinkuae.com/
Address: P.O. Box 10466, Airlink Building, Airport Road, Al Garhoud, Dubai, U.A.E.


Contractors Info

The Organisers must be informed by at least less than 4 weeks to the show, to give their written approval, where any of the following is proposed:
  • Any material, exhibit or substances that are of a hazardous, dangerous, noxious, explosive or objectionable nature.
  • Exhibits that produce fumes, exhaust and smoke
  • Operating machinery and apparatus
  • Use or display of radioactive materials
  • Use or display of pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Use or display of firearms, weapons and ammunition whether replica or fully functional
  • Use or display of flammable liquids, oils and gases
  • Welding or similar processes where acetylene or compressed gas is being used
  • Any use of compressed air
  • Any recording, broadcasting or use of radios (two way or for microphones), film sound, music or video or any other presentation likely to generate excessive noise.
  • The use of balloons
  • Public entertainment including fairground, amusements, displays and live performances

All Contractors to note:
All work must be carried out in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, which form part of the Operating Manual issued by DWTC as part of the Exhibition Licence Agreement and are shown in short-form below.

All Contractors carrying out work shall observe the ‘Safe Working Practices’ as follows:
Licensee’s staff and Contractors shall be vigilant regarding health and safety of themselves and others in the Halls, and they shall observe the following practices, which will be monitored and enforced, as necessary by the Company:

  • The understanding of the Fire, Emergency and Accidents Procedures.
  • The need to maintain emergency gangways, through the Centre and the Halls in build-up and breakdown situation.
  • The use of hard hats when working beneath or near overhead working or if this be impracticable, restricting access in such areas.
  • The need of operatives to wear suitable protective clothing relevant to their job which includes eye, hearing, foot and hand protection.
  • The safe use and storage of flammable liquids and substances and segregation from waste and other risk areas.
  • Ensuring that portable power equipment is used for the purpose for which it was designed and those safety guards are correctly fitted and used.
  • Ensuring that portable electric tools are used with the minimum length of trailing leads and that such equipment is not left unattended with a live power supply to it.
  • That stacker trucks are not used by anyone other than fully trained personnel.
  • That chemicals and flammable liquids are, after use, removed from the Exhibition Halls by the user for safe and proper disposal. Such products must not be placed in general rubbish bins or skips.
  • That any work area is maintained free from general waste materials which could hazard operatives.
  • That proper scaffolding is used during the construction of any building within the Halls, safety features of the scaffolding are provided, in acceptance with established standards and that any tower scaffold in use is properly established and propped.
  • Use of 3-pin adaptors with earth clips to connect European sockets to British sockets and never to use a 2-pin plug in a 3-pin socket or vice versa.

Unforeseen Occurrences:
In the event of any occurrences not foreseen in these Rules and Regulations, the decision of the Organiser shall be final.

Complex Stands

This section is ONLY for Exhibitors who intend to construct a “Complex” stand which is defined as one that falls into one or more of the following categories:-

  • Any item that requires cross-bracing
  • Standfitting over 4m in height;
  • Staging or platforms over 600mm and viewing/service platforms
  • Tiered seating;
  • A double storey or multi-level stand;
  • Purpose built or fixed step/stairs of any height
  • Any stand over 100 m²
  • Sound/lighting towers
  • Provide for a "Closely Seated Audience" of 15 or more chairs "theatre style"
  • The travel distance from any part of a Stand to an open side or exit or to a Gangway is greater than 10m


Auditoria & Seminar Areas:
Requirements where Provision is made for a Closely Seated Audience

  • This Regulation shall apply where provision is made for a Closely Seated Audience of more than fifteen persons, theatre style within a Stand.
  • The maximum number of persons, which may be accommodated, shall be displayed and calculated in relation to the area, utilised by such audience at the rate of 0.5m² per person; this number should be prominently displayed.
  • Emergency lighting from a source other than that supplying the normal lighting in the Centre.
  • The number of exits shall not be less than the number shown in the second column of Table A in this regulation and the minimum width of exit shall be not less than the width shown in the third column of that table in each case having regard to the number of persons shown in the first column of that Table, provided that each exit shall be remote from any other.
  • Each exit shall deliver to a Gangway terminating at one or both ends at an exit door on the perimeter of a Hall and the Gangway shall not be less width than the combined minimum widths of each exit discharging to that Gangway.
  • Any notices regarding means of escape shall;
  • Be sited in a conspicuous position above or adjacent to all exits,
  • Where necessary be positioned to indicate the route of escape
  • Have no other markings except means of escape in Arabic and English
  • Have all lettering and markings in Arabic and English
  • Clearly distinctive against their background
  • At least 125mm in size
  • Clearly visible when either normal or emergency lighting is in use.
  • Where a stage is provided:
  • Not less than half the exits for the audience shall be sited remote from the stage;
  • Two exits one of which must be other than by way of any stage, shall be provided from each dressing room in either of the following cases -
  • Where the travel distance from any point in such room to the exit doorway there from exceeds 7.5m,
  • Where there is direct access to a stage or platform or stage basement.
  • Seats and Gangways in the auditorium shall be so arranged that:
    • Free and ready access is direct to each exit;
    • No portion of any Gangway shall be more than 18m from an exit from the auditorium measured along the line of the Gangway;
    • The seating area assigned to each person shall not be less than : -
    • 750mm in depth where backs are provided or 600mm in any other case;
    • 500mm in width where arms are provided or 450mm in any other case;
    • A clear seatway of at least 300mm measured perpendicularly from the back of one unit to the front of the unit immediately behind shall be provided;
    • The number of seats in a row shall not exceed twelve if there is a Gangway at one end of the row and twenty-four, where there is a Gangway at each row end;
    • All chairs or other single seats shall be secured together in lengths of not fewer than four seats;
    • Provision shall be made for fixing to the floor the rows of seating flanking the front, back and cross Gangways and seats near exits, but if all the seats in each row or length are secured together, only the end seats of such row or length shall be fixed to the floor;
  • Not withstanding the provisions of paragraph (8) (g) of this Regulation where it is impracticable to fix such seating and the seating is not of a permanent nature, floor bars may be used. Such bars shall have a cambered top surface and shall extend from the row to be fixed to at least two adjacent rows but shall not extend across Gangways.
  • No area beneath a stage, tiered seating, or a stairway to such stage or tiered seating shall be used for storage purposes.

Table A regulations - stands


Balustrades & Handrails:     

1. Handrails -Design Considerations:
People who have physical difficulty in negotiating changes of level need the help of a handrail that can be gripped easily, is comfortable to touch and, preferably, provides good forearm support.
Handrails should be spaced away from the wall and rigidly supported in a way that avoids impeding finger grip.
Handrails should be set at heights that are convenient for all users and should extend safely beyond the top and bottom of flights of steps, or a ramp, to give both stability and warning of presence of a change of level.

  • A continuous handrail must be provided across the flights and landings of ramped or stepped access.
  • The vertical height to the top of the upper handrail from the pitch line of the surface of a ramp, or a flight of steps, must be between 900 and 1000mm. From the surface of a landing it must be between 900 and 1100mm.
  • Where there is a full height structural guarding, the vertical height to the top of a second lower handrail from the pitch line of the surface of a ramp, or a flight of steps, is 600mm, where provided.
  • Handrails shall be non-climbable, i.e. with solid infills or vertical guardrails, which should be no more than 100mm apart and without horizontal members between verticals.
  • Handrails must extend at least 300mm horizontally beyond the top and bottom of a ramped access, or the top and bottom nosing of a flight or flights of steps, while not projecting into an access route.
  • Handrails should contrast visually with the background against which it is seen, without being highly reflective.
  • The surface of a handrail should be slip resistant and not cold to touch
  • A handrail must terminate in a way that reduces the risk of clothing being caught.
  • If the profile is circular its diameter must be between 40 and 45mm. If it is oval the width should preferably be 50mm.
  • There must be a clearance of between 60 and 75mm between the handrail and any adjacent wall surface.
  • There must be a clearance of at least 50mm between a cranked support and the underside of the handrail.
  • The inner rail of a handrail must be located no more than 50mm beyond the surface width of the width of the ramped or stepped access.

2. Barriers (Balustrades):
Barriers shall be provided to protect exposed edges of landings, balconies and any other changes of levels exceeding 320mm.
Barriers shall be non-climbable, i.e. with solid infills or vertical guardrails, which should be no more than 100mm apart and without horizontal members between verticals.

Base Plates:
The floor loading capacity is 5000kgs/sqm on all main floor areas in the Halls, except The Pavilion where the capacity is 2000kgs/sqm and Shk Rashid is 1500kgs/sqm. Exhibitors with heavier exhibits should provide the Organisers with details of the exhibits together with their exact position so that they can ascertain whether special weight spreading facilities are necessary.

Any structures in DWTC that are lying over the Service Ducts must have base plates of a minimum area of 1m² (i.e. must have a length of 1m and a width of 1m x 12mm thick Grade 43a steel). See Service Ducts.

Building paper must be provided between the base plate and the floor.
The position of all base plates must be clearly shown on all drawings. No fixings whatsoever may be made to the Hall Floors.

Lighting Adjustment/Focusing:                            Focusing of lighting fittings in situ is permitted, provided that:-

  • The persons involved on the operation are experienced and competent to do so.
  • All appropriate health and safety equipment required for the safe execution of the operation is not only available and in good working order BUT IT IS ALSO USED (this includes PPE such as safety harnesses, bump caps, stabilising legs for access towers and hoists, etc).
  • The area underneath and in the immediate vicinity is kept free of personnel by appropriate barriers, warning tape or stewarding.

Suspended Lighting Equipment:
Suspended lighting fittings (other than single lamp pendants) shall be provided with adequate means of suspension independent of the electrical conductors. Heavy lighting fittings shall be provided with a secondary means of suspension.

All equipment attached to trusses is subject to the conditions of the Electrical Regulations Section. The electrical mains supply for suspended lighting systems shall be separate from the stand mains supply, but must be located within the allocated stand area to which it relates.

If the suspended system is to be raised and/or lowered by the use of electric motors a separate electrical mains supply must be used. This supply will be connected to raise the rig, disconnected once the rig is installed, and then re-connected at the close of the Show to allow for lowering of the rig.

(NOTE: the use of the lighting or stand mains power supply for this purpose is NOT permitted.)

Lights, lasers and reflectors must be directed in such a manner as to ensure that the light beam projected is contained within the allocated stand area boundaries to which they relate.
See Specialised Lighting & Laser Displays.

Lighting Trusses:
Lighting trusses are to be of a tubular metal construction, finished in a single neutral colour or natural metal finish.
A structural report, certified by a competent, independent structural engineer, must be available for inspection for all suspended truss systems.
At all times, all suspended truss systems must be used within the confines of the structural report relevant to such systems.

Truss Infills:
Truss infills are permitted. Full proposals, taking into consideration information below, must be submitted by the deadline the following should be noted:-

  • Infills must be of a single thickness muslin, casement or other such material that will allow egress of water from the permanent sprinkler system installed throughout the Premises.
  • All materials used for infills must be flame retardant treated to BS5867 Part 2 minimum and a certificate of flame retardant treatment must be available for inspection.
  • Installation of infills is subject to any restrictions from CCTV, ventilation systems or other applicable restrictions from any permanent services within the Premises and must, in all circumstances, be clearly indicated on any design plans.

The colour of the truss infill must be white/neutral

Space Only

Important Information:

  • All Space Only Exhibitors shall submit Stand Structure Form.
  • Where a stand edge faces directly or in part onto another stand, all construction must be arranged so that no more than 30% of the stand edge is enclosed with walling.
  • In order to ensure that our visitors make the most of the event and are able to navigate their way around, it is a strict condition of exhibiting, that each “Space Only” Stand design incorporates the Stand Number assigned by the Organiser.
  • As part of COVID-19 governmental guidelines, all stands must have a maximum capacity sign displayed at all entry points of their stand. The size of the sign (freestanding or sticker) must be no less than 30cm w x 50cm h
  • All stands must have their reception counter, displays etc. set back 1m from the perimeter of the stand. This is to ensure that the aisles are left clear and free from queuing. Reception counters must have an acrylic shield.
  • Meeting rooms must abide by the 2m distancing guideline and ensure there is a maximum capacity sign mentioned on the door.
  • Please read through the COVID-19 GUIDELINES for more information.

Adjoining Walls:
Any Exhibitor whose stand area joins another on any side may agree with any such adjoining Exhibitor not to build a dividing wall, or agree to share the cost of any division required. Failure to agree will result in both Exhibitors being responsible for erecting, within the boundaries of their stands, a form of division.
Exhibitors are responsible for erecting and decorating side and back walls facing onto their stand areas to a height of 2.5m. Any such division that exceeds the height of the wall of an adjoining stand must be decorated in a plain, single, neutral colour finish with no branding or graphics. All walls on a stand must be of one level only.
Graphics, branding and logos are not to be placed on towers or other structures at the rear of the stand so as to blatantly overshadow an adjoining stand and must be shown on all drawings submitted for approval. The Operations Manager reserves the right to arbitrate in any dispute and their decision is final.
In the interest of the Exhibition as a whole, it may be necessary to remove or alter part of a stand. If we feel this action must be taken, this will be at the expense of the Exhibitor concerned.

Columns/Light Poles/Pillars/Totems:
These are allowed to be positioned on stands.

  • The dimensions of any one side of such structures should not exceed 1.5 mtrs in width.
  • Multiple structures should have a minimum distance of five linear meters between them.

Emergency Access Gangways:
Clear access is required through each hall during build-up and breakdown to ensure that in the event of an emergency, fire and ambulance service personnel are not restricted in any way. This is achieved with the allocation of emergency access gangways which will be clearly defined on all floor plans. Exhibitors must therefore ensure that all gangways adjoining the stand are not blocked during build-up and break-down to an extent which inhibits the movement of other Exhibitors and freight. The Exhibitor is also responsible for ensuring that no obstruction is placed in the aisle adjacent to his stand throughout the open hours of the exhibition.

It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all Contractors, delivery drivers and other staff involved in the build-up and breakdown of its stand:- Are aware of the existence and importance of the emergency gangways; and ensure that they do not obstruct the gangways in any way whatsoever.
DWTC reserves the right to enforce these gangways in such ways as it sees fit; including the right to restrict the area of scaffolding or plant and limit the times during which it shall remain in the Halls or on the stand.

Emergency Lighting:
The illumination provided by normal lighting and by the emergency lighting should each be sufficient to enable the public, performers and staff to see their way out of the premises, stands, seminar rooms and theatres at all times. The horizontal luminance at floor level provided from either source along the centre line of defined escape routes should nowhere be less than 1 lux. This need not apply to seatways leading directly to gangways.

  • Care should be exercised so that the failure of a single lamp on either supply will not cause a hazard.
  • Any battery used for emergency lighting should be capable of maintaining the full load connected to it for a minimum of three hours after the failure of the normal supply.
  • All rooms beneath multi-storey stands and any other rooms with solid ceilings must have emergency lighting incorporated.
  • Rooms with fabric or muslin type ceilings must allow adequate light through should the hall lights dim in the event of an emergency and all exits must have a battery operated emergency exit sign.

Floor Coverings:

  • The entire space of all allocated Space Only stands must be covered with a suitable floor covering.
  • Floor coverings may only be fixed to the floor using an industry recommended type of carpet tape, we recommend Euro tape, Eurocel and Advance tape.
  • Areas of stands on the perimeter that are not sufficiently covered will be carpeted in the gangway carpet and this area will be charged to the Exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors wishing to incorporate flooring with a metal finish must arrange with the appointed electrical Contractor to have the area adequately bonded to earth if necessary.

Notice to Erect an Exhibition Stand:
All Space Only Exhibitors shall submit Stand Structure Form.  Details of work to be carried out including dimensional drawings showing the front, side and back perspectives, elevation and floor layout of the stand must accompany this form.
This form is to be submitted with all required information by the deadline.
See Stand Design Submission & Approval

Stairways & Ramps to Stands:

  • Any stairway having a total rise of more than 600mm shall comply with the following requirements:
  • There shall be clear headroom of not less than 2m over the whole width of the stairway;
  • The width shall be not less than 1m;
  • There shall not be fewer than three nor more than sixteen risers per flight;
  • The height of the riser shall be not be less than 75mm nor more than 180mm;
  • The going shall be not less than 280mm and the aggregate of the going and twice the riser shall be not less than 550mm nor more than 700mm;
  • The going of the landing shall be not less than the width of the stairway;
  • Where tapered steps are constructed, the angle formed by the nosing of the tread and the nosing of the tread or landing immediately above it shall be not more than 15 degrees;
  • A handrail shall be -
  • Provided on each side of a flight of the stairway and where the stairway exceeds 1.9m in width
  • A handrail shall be provided so as to divide the flight equally
  • Designed as to afford adequate means of support to persons using the flight, continuous for the length of the flight, and
  • Securely fixed at a height of not less than 840mm or more than 1m (measured vertically above the line of pitch of the flight).
  • The treads and landings shall not be constructed of slats or perforated material.
  • Each tread shall be level and the nosing of each tread shall overlap the back edge of the tread below it by not less than 15mm.
  • Consecutive tapered treads shall each have the same going and rate of taper.
  • Cupboards formed beneath stairways and ramps shall be lined throughout with non-combustible material
  • Any stairway to a Multi-storey Stand shall discharge directly to a Gangway or to the ground floor of a stand, which provides unobstructed access to a Gangway.
  • Any ramp having a total rise of more than 600mm shall comply with the following requirements:
  • The requirements of paragraphs (1) (a), (b) and (h) above.
  • The slope of the ramp shall not exceed 1:12 gradient.

Spiral Staircases:
Please note that Spiral Staircases will not be allowed.

Stand Area:
The Organiser will issue full details of the space to be allocated to an Exhibitor indicating the stand size, area and boundaries, see Fig 1:

Fig 1.

Every effort will be made to ensure that all details contained within the floor plan are accurate. The Exhibitor, however, is responsible for inspecting the hall for restrictions prior to designing any stand.
Exhibitors must not use any area behind rear walls for storage under any circumstances.
An Exhibitor is not allowed to paste or otherwise to affix or exhibit advertisements anywhere in the exhibition Halls except on his own stand. The Exhibitor may not distribute handbills, advertisements, photographs or other printed matter from the gangways and outside areas of the exhibition. They must remain within the stand area allocated to the Exhibitor only as must stand personnel including demonstrators/hostesses.

Stand Design Submission & Approval:
It is a strict condition of exhibiting that each “Space Only” Exhibitor submits Stand Structure Form .This must be accompanied by details of work to be carried out including dimensional drawings showing the front, side and back perspectives, elevation and floor layout of the stand. This is not only essential to ascertain compliance with the Organisers and Venue regulations, but also ensure that no errors have been made in the interpretation of stand area, size and position. This form is to be submitted with all required information before the deadline

All drawings must be in English and clearly state:-

  • Exhibiting Company Name
  • Stand Number
  • Designer’s details and contact name
  • The scale used - at least 1:200


Non-Complex “Space Only” Stands:

  • Detailed copies of a plan view, clearly showing the overall dimensions of the stand, position of major exhibits, all walling and audio visual equipment.
  • Detailed copies of each open elevation, clearly showing the dimensions of all heights, graphics, logos, etc.

Complex “Space Only” Stands:

Inspection and approval of this type of stand is a long and involved process. With the need for each design and element of the stand to be inspected by the Organiser, as well as copies lodged with DWTC, structural engineers and if required the Local Authorities, it is essential that the following is adhered to:-

  • Detailed copies of the initial design showing the basic principles of the stand and any feature elements should be submitted as soon as available.
  • FULLY DETAILED SETS of the proposed stand design as detailed below must be submitted by the deadline
  • dimensional plan views of each floor, clearly showing planned construction, the position of major exhibits and audio visual equipment;
  • Detailed elevation drawings taken from each open side and any appropriate sections;
  • Plan and elevation drawings of each stairwell, ramp, balustrade and infill showing compliance to rules and regulations;
  • Copies of a simple plan view of the upper deck showing dimensional walkways, public access areas and means of escape, all with less than 15m travel distance to the top of any stairwells;
  • Structural drawings and calculations (in English) including any design certificates, load tests to comply with good design practice and will only be accepted where provided by competent, qualified experienced structural engineers.
  • The materials to be used in the construction of the Stand,
  • The width and position of any fire or emergency exit and escape routes within the Stand, and
  • The provision made in the structure of the Stand for protection against fire and spread of flame
  • Copies of the Method Statement and Risk Assessment. See Health & Safety Information.

Failure to meet any of the deadlines stipulated could result in the stand not being approved and therefore not built. Hereto no work is to commence in the Halls until written approval is obtained from the Operations Manager - Dubai World Trade Centre (L.L.C)

Walling Regulations:     

1. Perimeter Walling:
Where a stand edge faces directly or in part onto another stand, all construction must be arranged so that:-

  • No more than 30% of the stand edge is enclosed with walling;
  • Walling in excess of 6 linear metres in length must be broken up with transparent glazing, openings or other such features so as to create an open feel to the stand
  • All external walling must be finished in a decorative and attractive manner and may utilise the side/back walls for branding purposes

Where stand edges face directly onto a DWTC wall, or officially designated catering/seating area, no walling restrictions apply other than Clause c) above. See Restricted Access to Stands.

2. Other walling/Rooms on stand:                              Solid running walls on stands should be confined to the central area of the stand. The total length of walling should not be more than 30% of the corresponding side (width or depth) of the stand. Any meeting / store rooms should be confined to the central area of the back / side walls and should in no way, obstruct the view of the immediate neighbouring stands.

3. Stands in Concourse
Space Only stands built in the Concourse can be seen from the balcony therefore exposed top surfaces of the stand – ceilings, walls, pillars, totems to be finished in same decorative fashion and neatly covered. All electrical points, DB boards, cabling and electrical need to be tidy, safely secured and covered.

Double Storey Stands

The minimum size for all double storey stands is 24 sq/m and subject to design approval by the Organisers. No double storey stands are allowed in the Concourse.

 Double-decker stand designs will only be accepted if there is a valid double-decker stand booking made by the Exhibitor as there is a of 945 AED per m2 +5% VAT. Stand approval and/or construction will be stopped immediately should there be no valid booking. Please verify bookings with a member of the GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021 sales team.

Exhibitors building double-storey stands will have to ensure an open ground floor plan so as to not obstruct the view, in any way, of the neighbouring stands

Double storey stands must be constructed of materials as specified in Materials – Technical Information and arranged as follows:-

  • Ceilings, other than to the topmost storey, must be of solid construction or of inherently non-flammable fabric. Treated fabric may be permitted to single storey portions of stands if not exposed to the risk of fire from lighted articles dropped from above.
  • Cupboards, enclosed offices, storerooms, etc, formed beneath the upper floor of a two storey stand must be lined throughout with non-combustible fire resisting material.
  • The maximum distance to the nearest exit from the upper area or to a point from which escape is available in separate directions to alternative exits must not exceed 12m. Include 50 person rule (More than 50 people will not occupy the level served by the staircase at any one time public, performers and staff inclusive)
  • Each level must have minimum headroom of at least 2.3m.
  • All enclosed areas must incorporate suitable, independently powered emergency lighting and exit signage.
  • Exhibitors must make arrangements for a fire extinguisher to be prominently positioned on each floor.

Stand Height Regulations

The maximum height for Space Only stands is as follows, including name sign or trademark.

All Space Only Exhibitors must follow the height grading system:

  • Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  Sheikh Rashid Hall, Sheikh Saeed Halls and The Arena
    The maximum height allowed is 6 meters
  • Additional build regulations for stands in Sheikh Saeed Halls - The hatched area of the plan represents the first 3m of the stands facing the main gangway. The maximum height allowed in this area is 1.2m. PDF plan available for reference in the link above.
  • Between Halls 2 and 3 the maximum height allowed is 3 meters
  • Za’abeel Hall 1
    The maximum height allowed is 5.35 meters
  • Za’abeel Halls 2 & 3                             
    The maximum height allowed is 6 meters. 
  • Za'abeel Hall 3 low ceiling area the maximum height is 5.2m (indicated by the yellow highlighted area on the floor plan)
  • In the Link between Za’abeel Hall & Hall 1
    The maximum height allowed is 3 meters.
  • Concourse 1 & 2 and Za’abeel Concourse
    The maximum height allowed is 4 meters. No Double Decker Structures are allowed.


Following a number of incidents with regards to taller stand structures at the venue, DWTC will incorporate a new process within its Health and Safety Strategy of mitigating the respective risks involved in the construction of such structures within the premises of DWTC, and as such all stand designs will have to be approved by the DWTC Health and Safety team before commencement of build by the respective contractors.

Upgraded Shell Scheme

1. Upgraded Shell Scheme Contractor:

DXB Live is the Official Upgraded Shell Scheme Contractor for the show. They are responsible for stand servicing and maintenance of Upgraded Shell Scheme stands throughout the whole period of the exhibition.
Please find below their contact details under OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST.

2. Upgraded Shell Scheme Electrics:
The cost for providing single-phase mains supply and connection, including energy consumed to Shell Scheme stands is covered by the stand rental charges.

3. Upgraded Shell Scheme Name Board (Fascia):
Those Exhibitors taking a Shell Scheme stand have a Name Board provided.  
The Exhibitors Name and Stand Number will be in standard 50mm white Helvetica Medium Capital lettering and fixed directly to fascia panel. The fascia panels will be blue with white lettering. The Exhibitor must complete and return Name Panel Form before the deadline to ensure that the Name Board is installed before the show opens.

4. Upgraded Shell Scheme Services & Regulations:
For complete details and specifications on Shell Scheme stands, please refer to the Official Contractor Service Manual. All additional standfitting and display must be contained within the Shell Scheme structure and may not exceed 3m in height. No projections into gangways will be permitted; neither may additional display materials be fitted to the Shell Scheme Fascia.

Those Exhibitors who booked Shell Scheme stands and then get their own contractor to build a special stand, kindly ensure that you advise the contractor that the total height of the stand must not be more than 3 meters. Proposed stand designs must be submitted to the Operations Manager - Exhibitions for approval less than 4 weeks to the show. All such special stands will be treated as Space Only and bare floor space will be provided. No Shell Scheme options will be made available and power supply will have to be ordered separately. If the Exhibitor does not inform the organizer they are building a special stand and the shell scheme stand is built on site by the organiser; there will be a charge made to have the shell scheme stand removed before the Exhibitor can build their special stand. The stand will only be removed after the completion of the build of the rest of the shell scheme stands at the event.

Technical Information

General Technical Information

1. Adhesive tapes:

Adhesive tapes used to fix carpets or other materials to floor areas must be removed after use without damage to the floor. Plastic packing tape, gaffer tape, masking tape or drafting tape, which are the most difficult tapes to remove from floors, is not to be used.

DWTC recommend that the following tapes are used – Euro tape, Eurocel and Advance tape. DWTC will examine the hall floors after the removal of tapes and if the floor surface is found to be damaged a charge will be made for repairs. Any tapes not removed by the Contractor will be removed by DWTC and a charge of AED 50.00 per metre will be made.


2. Audio Visual Equipment:

The use of PA systems, video monitors and walls etc, is ONLY permitted provided the following is observed:-
All speakers are to be positioned within the boundaries of the stand and angled so that they face inwards towards the centre point of the stand.

Video equipment must be placed so as not to blatantly face other stands, or so as to cause restrictions in the flow of visitors down any gangways. Sufficient space must be allocated within the boundaries of the stand for the viewing of any such video features.
The use of super high intensity bass systems, strobe lighting or any other such type of audio visual equipment, is prohibited without the written permission of the Operations Manager.

All lights, projectors and reflectors etc, must be positioned to ensure that the beam projected is contained within the boundaries of an Exhibitor’s allotted stand area at all times.
All such equipment must be clearly indicated on the submitted stand design.


3. Dilapidations:

The Exhibitor is responsible for any damage to the fabric of the Premises caused by it, its agents or its Contractors. This includes incorrect use of carpet tape on the hall floor; we recommend Euro tape, Eurocel and Advance tape.
See Adhesive Tapes.

On arrival at the Venue, the Exhibitor or its appointed Contractor is required to report to the Organiser who will inspect the stand area for dilapidations.
During breakdown, and once the stand area has been cleared of all standfittings, exhibits and waste materials, the Exhibitor or its appointed Contractor will be required to sign a clearance form (confirming any dilapidations) issued by the Organiser.
Failure to obtain a clearance form will result in the loss of right of appeal against any dilapidation charges made.
Before the end of the tenancy, the Premises will be inspected by DWTC and, in accordance with the Licence, any damage to the building structure occasioned by an Exhibitor or its Contractor will be notified to the Organiser who will invoice the Exhibitor for the cost of any repairs.


4. Disabled Access:

Exhibitors should ensure that they have considered all features that may make it unreasonably difficult for a disabled person to access their stand.
Any Exhibitor incorporating a platform that exceeds 38mm in height or a part platform that exceeds 20m² AND 38mm in height, MUST ensure that it is accessible to the disabled visitor and should contain clear and specified access and constructed in such a way as to conform to the following:-

  • Bevelled with a ramp of no more than 5° (1:12 gradient)
  • A minimum of 1000mm wide
  • Fitted with a handrail on each side or other such division to avoid any trip hazard resulting from the change of floor levels.

See Balustrades & Handrails – Complex Stands.


5. Early Access for Suspended Lighting and/or steelwork Erection and Power:

Early entry for suspended lighting rigging purposes and/or steelwork erection is not always available.
Application for this facility must be made to eventplus@dwtc.com at least 6 weeks prior to the show. If Early Access is available EventPlus will notify the Exhibitor/Contractor of the dates available and the associated cost.

If any electrical power is required then this will have to be ordered from the Electrical Contractor. Charges may be made for this extra facility and will be invoiced directly by the Electrical Contractor.


6. Fixing to Building Structures:

It is strictly prohibited to affix nails, hooks, tacks, screws, adhesives, paint or similar items to the floor, walls, ceilings or other parts of the premises. This shall include the fixing of holding down bolts, attachments to the structural steel work, and the anchorage of guy ropes, wires, cramps or tackle for any purpose to any part of the building fabric and structure, whether to the interior or exterior. See Rigging. Suspended stand fittings will not be permitted. However the Company may permit suspension from the Hall roof of banners or other decorative materials provided that:

  • They form part of an overall scheme of decoration approved by the organiser.
  • Application is made to the Manager – Exhibitions Operations
  • The proposed suspended units do not overstress the roof structure.
  • Full details are submitted at the time of application.
  • Work is carried out by the Exhibitor’s Contractor.
  • Sufficient time is available during the tenancy to install and remove.



7. Fixings to Floors:

Fixings to the surface of the hall floor to secure margin boards, cable clips and similar items of Stand fittings will not be permitted. Any damage to the floor will be repaired by DWTC and charged to the Exhibitor accordingly.


8. Floor Loadings:

The floor loading capacity is 5000kgs/sqm on all main floor areas in the Halls, except The Pavilion where the capacity is 2000kgs/sqm and Shk Rashid is 1500kgs/sqm.

See Base Plates – Complex Stands.


9. Gas and Compressed Air:


  • Exhibitor requiring the use of Compressed Gas, such as Helium or Nitrogen, need to contact the organiser and request the Compressed Gas Form (Forms for High Risk Equipment and Substance Approvals) The form must be returned to the organiser at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the build-up for approval by DWTC Venue Health & Safety Division.
  • Exhibitors requiring compressed air should contact EventPlus and complete the Utilities Form. To avoid surcharges this form needs to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the build-up
  • The required compressed air service will then be supplied direct to the stand. All compressor pipe installation will be inside the floor trenches.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to have compressors on their stands.


10. IT & Communication Services:

Telephone and facsimile services are provided by Dubai World Trade (L.L.C.). The telecommunication facility will flow from state of the art technology provided by a highly sophisticated PABX system. Any network connections (to any hosts within or outside UAE or Internet) made using the PABX extension is entirely your decision.

  • The system can provide telephone and facsimile connections at local, national (UAE) and international levels as required. Please indicate your choice on the order form. Each telephone can be code locked to prevent un-authorized use.
  • Orders through PABX - Charges are payable 100% in advance and cover installation, connection, line rental, equipment rental and purchase of units against line usage. Should your line usage exceed your deposit during the exhibition, the option to purchase additional units is available. (A statement, including a printout of line usage and any refund will be sent to you following the exhibition). Service will not be provided without payment.
  • Orders received 14 days or less before the start of the exhibition will be subject to a 100% surcharge and may not be processed.
  • Devices attached to an Etisalat line require to be 'type approved'’ by Etisalat. Devices which are not 'type approved' cannot be guaranteed to operate. Installation of Exhibitor-provided equipment is entirely at the Exhibitor's risk and DWTC is unable to take any responsibility for malfunction or failure to operate.
  • If at any time during the exhibition a virus has infected one or more of the Exhibitors’ computers, the DWTC will not be held responsible.
  • WTC will only provide telecommunication lines to Exhibitor stands. DWTC is unable to provide any modem or set-up support. An ISDN Modem is must for ISDN Line.
  • All line and equipment usage during the period of hire is the responsibility of the person/company applying on relevant Form Numbers. Once handed over, the equipment becomes the responsibility of the hirer and must be returned to the organizers office within 1 hour of the close of the last day of the show.
  • It is advisable that the Exhibitor insures the equipment hired.
  • Remember to order a power point for the fax machine.
  • Tell your stand Contractor that you have ordered telecommunications.


11. Lifting, Handling & Transportation of Goods:

The Official Freight Forwarder and On-site Handling Agents are Al Naboodah Cargo Centre LLC & DHL Trade Fairs & Events GMBH and they will take care of the shipping and transportation requests of our Exhibitors. They have total responsibility for the movement of all exhibits on the exhibition site. Please refer to contact details listed under OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST.


12. Laserlight Shows:

See Pyrotechnics, Smoke Machines and Specialist Equipment – General Technical Information

It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure that all laser installations are fully inspected and approved by a competent person on site prior to the first open day. The Organisers are authorised to suspend any such installations regarded as dangerous or not complying with the Regulations.
Final approval will be given by the Organiser and DWTC Venue Health & Safety Division subject to the above regulations.


13. Materials: 

Fitness of Materials
All materials used in the construction of stands, features and displays, including signs and fascias, shall be;

  • Non-combustible, inherently non-flammable or durably flameproofed. Advice can be obtained from the Venue’s Health and Safety department.
  • Of a suitable nature and quality in relation to the purposes for and conditions in which they are used
  • Adequately mixed or prepared before being brought to the Centre
  • Applied, used or fixed so are adequate to perform the functions for which they are designed.


14. Means of Escape:

Each and all stands must be designed in such a way as to ensure that the maximum travel distance from any part of the stand (offices, hospitality, auditoria, etc) to a gangway or unobstructed access to a gangway does not exceed 15m.


15. Minimum Standfittings:

All Space Only stands MUST, at the Exhibitor’s expense, have a minimum standfitting requirement of floor covering to occupy the whole of the stand area and suitable dividing walls between stands including back walls, both to be a minimum height that relates to the height regulations.

All Space Only stands on the perimeter of the hall MUST have back walls and suitable dividing walls between stands to a minimum height that relates to the height regulations.

See Height Limits.


16. Platforms:

It is the responsibility of Exhibitors taking Space Only to make their own arrangements for the provision of platform for their stand area, which would facilitate the passage of cables.

An Exhibitor may incorporate platforms as part of its overall stand design provided they are constructed in such a way as to conform to the following:-

  • Sharp metal edging must not be used. The platform should have timber finished edging and all corners should be rounded
  • Corners of stand platforms must be fixed securely and flush with the floor, where practical, to prevent a trip hazard.
  • If a Platform abuts an adjoining stand Exhibitors must agree with the adjacent Exhibitor/s on adjustments to be made to the height of the platform.
  • Provision for a special ramp for handicapped visitors on stands with platform is a MUST, with sides clearly defined at not more than 1:12 gradient as described in Disabled Access.
  • Platforms in excess of 600mm must conform to: See Structural Stability.
  • Platforms and stages for public use over 320mm high shall require a suitable handrail. See Balustrades & Handrails – Complex Stands.

Exhibitors occupying two or more stands as part of their corporate group strategy are allowed to platform the gangways between their stands subject to the following:-

  • Written permission must be granted from the Organiser,
  • The stands must be adjacent to each other, or
  • The gangway must be clearly highlighted with studs or other means of identification.


17. Restricted Access to Stands:

An Exhibitor may barrier the whole or part of its stand to control access to visitors provided it is constructed in compliance with the following:-

  • Any barrier exceeding 1500mm in height must conform to See Balustrades & Handrails – Complex Stands.
  • Any barrier must be designed for a horizontal load of 1.5kN calculated at a height of 1.1m from floor level unless prior dispensation has been given by the Technical Consultants.
  • Barriers must be positioned at a minimum height of 500mm to ensure that they are not a trip hazard to visitors.
  • Emergency exits must be incorporated at intervals at no less than every 20m of the perimeter of the sectioned area, with a minimum of 2 such exits on any enclosed area irrespective of size.
  • Clear and specified access and exit points, including provision for disabled visitors, must be incorporated. They must be a minimum of 1000mm wide and must be able to be opened immediately in an emergency.
  • Unless an Exhibitor wishes to restrict access to invited guests only and not allow the general public access to the stand, then 5% or 10m² (whichever is the greater) of the available enclosed area must be incorporated within the stand area for the queuing of visitors.
  • If access is to be limited to invited guests as detailed in Clause (f) this must be clearly indicated on the stand design submitted for approval.
  • All exits including gates must not open into the gangway.


18. Safety of Working Exhibits:

In order to offer some guidance to those Exhibitors planning to demonstrate equipment, the following should be noted:-

  • All running machinery and other working apparatus must be efficiently guarded to the satisfaction of the relevant Authorities to prevent injury to persons.
  • Exhibits must be positioned so that, at no time, do they intrude into the gangway or cause a hazard to visitors.
  • devices on machines should be isolated to prevent visitors operating unattended exhibits.
  • Starting devices on machines should be isolated to prevent visitors operating unattended exhibits.
  • Proper consideration should be given to the conditions under which the equipment is being demonstrated which may well differ considerably from the conditions under which it is normally installed and for which the normal safeguards will no longer be appropriate.
  • Any exhibit or process that generates noxious or toxic fumes, exhausts or smoke of any kind is not permitted.
  • The use of compressors, sprayers and similar plant powered by internal combustion engines is prohibited.
  • All supplies of fuel are to be kept outside the Show in a controlled store for flammable items.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to terminate an equipment demonstration at any time.


19. Service Ducts:

  • Exclusion - Access to and use of the Service Ducts (floor trenches) is limited to employees of DWTC, or Contractors employed by DWTC, for the purpose of installing main supply cables, piped services and telephone equipment.
  • Limited Use - DWTC will consider limited use of the Service Ducts, for purposes other than those specified above provided that the installation in the duct is carried out by or under the supervision of DWTC and that such use has been agreed in writing prior to the commencement of tenancy. See also Floor Loadings


20. Smoke Alarms:

All enclosed rooms beneath multi-storey stand and any other rooms with solid ceilings must have smoke alarms incorporated.


21. Smoke Machines:

Smoke machines should not be used without the prior approval of DWTC H&S Dept.
Details of the type of smoke generator to be used must be submitted to the Organiser along with the stand design for submission to DWTC H&S Dept. Measures must also be taken to ensure that CO2 levels do not adversely affect public safety. This must be accompanied by a risk assessment.


22. Specialised Lighting & Laser Displays:

  • Specialised Lighting: All forms of Specialised Lighting (such as neons, to include visible fireman’s switch, rotographics, interactive and laser imaging) must be produced in such a way as to be contained within the boundaries of the Exhibitor’s allotted stand area at all times. The bouncing of any projected images off or on to the fabric of the Premises or other adjoining stands is strictly prohibited. Any use of specialist graphic equipment must be done in accordance with the Organisers Regulations.
  • Standards: Each Exhibitor must undertake to erect a stand that is in keeping with the high reputation of the Show. Upon inspection, should an Exhibitor’s stand, in the opinion of the Organiser, whose decision is final, fail to be of a quality that reflects the event as a whole, the Organiser has the authority to carry out any actions applicable, of which any costs or expenses are to be borne by the Exhibitor.


23. Structural Stability:

  • Interpretation: "Dead load" means the force due to the static mass of all walls, partitions, floors, roofs and finishes and "imposed load" means the load assumed to be produced by the intended occupancy or use, including distributed, concentrated, impact, dynamic and inertia loads.
  • Calculation of Loading: In determining for the purpose of this part the loads to which any Stand will be subjected:
  1. “Dead loads” shall be calculated from the actual known weights of the materials used. Any beams and/or flooring that are for the purpose of lateral distribution shall be designed to carry a uniformly distributed load per square metre of not less than 1 kN/m²
  2. "Imposed loads" shall be calculated as being equivalent to a uniformly distributed load per square metre of area measured on plan of not less than 5 kN/m²
  • Structure of Stands: The structure of a Stand shall safely sustain and transmit to the floor of the Hall the combined "dead load" and "imposed load" without any deflection or deformation as will impair the stability of the Stand.


24. Use of Mortar: 

Persons proposing to erect brick, stone or block walls, etc., shall lay heavy duty building paper or similar material on the floors under the walls, etc., to protect the floor surfaces from mortar damage. The cost of repairing any damage caused to floors by the erection or dismantling of this work will be re-charged.


25. Video Tapes, CD & DVD:

Please note that the import of videocassettes, CD & DVD is subject to censorship by the Ministry of Information. Exhibitors proposing to use videotapes at Exhibition are recommended to obtain necessary clearance through Al Naboodah Cargo Centre LLC & DHL Trade Fairs & Events GMBH.


26. Water & Waste:

All exhibits and ancillary equipment containing water shall be carefully drained down at the end of an exhibition, in such a way that water is not discharged onto the floor of the Halls. Any costs involved in dealing with water discharge onto the floors of the Halls, or into the service ducts, or any damage caused to mains services in the service ducts or tunnels under the Halls by the discharge of water, will be charged to the Licensee.

All pipework used in the installations shall be suitable for the operating pressure of the mains service for which it is to be used.

No paint, oils, fats, waste food, spirits, chemicals or other noxious substances shall be discharged into the drainage system. These materials shall be discharged into closed containers manufactured of material suitable for this purpose. Full details of wastes of these types are to be submitted to the Company who will make arrangements for their disposal at the cost of the Exhibitor.
The cost of clearing or repairing the drainage system or making good any other damage caused by the stand effluent shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

The Official Water & Waste Contractor for the event is as follows:
Dubai World Trade Centre
P.O. Box 9292
United Arab Emirates
Office Hours: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Cash Office: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Timezone: Dubai Standard Time (GMT+4)
Email: eventplus@dwtc.com
Global contact number: +971 4 389 3999
UAE toll-free: 800 655

This service is only available for ‘Space Only’ Exhibitors. Please refer to UTILITIES FORM to place your Water & Waste Order.


27. Water Features:

Full details of all vessels containing 250 litres or more of water or other liquids are to be submitted to DWTC for approval at least six weeks before the first day of the Licence Period.
All vessels of this type containing water are to be fitted with either a connection in the base to a waste pipe ordered from DWTC Event Services or a suitable connection incorporating a pump connected to a waste pipe ordered from DWTC Event Services. This is to ensure that means are always available to easily drain down the vessel in case of emergency and at the end of the exhibition.
DWTC Event Services will undertake to fill and empty vessels by means other than piped water supply and drain where the construction of the vessels will not permit the fitting of pipework. The cost of such work will be charged to the Exhibitor.
Enquiries regarding the supply of water and draining down of vessels of any type must be made to DWTC Event Services at least six weeks before the start of the Licence Period. DWTC Event Services will charge the applicant for the provision of this service, who will be advised of the cost before the work is put in hand.
If any Exhibitor intends the have a water feature on its stand, full details must be included when submitting a stand design.
An outbreak of Legionella is a risk associated with water features and an Exhibitor’s Risk Assessment should also cover all the reasonable measures that will be taken to prevent an outbreak.

See Water Butts, Water Systems and Legionellosis - Health & Safety Information.


28. Working in the Venue:

  • Any grinding, cutting, welding machines are not allowed to be used in the exhibition halls.
  • Any electrically operated wood cutting machines are not allowed to be used in the exhibition halls.
  • Any type of spray paint (compressed paint) is not allowed to be used in the exhibition halls.
  • Any type of air conditioning units are not allowed to be installed on stands inside the exhibition halls.
  • Any erecting of scaffolding should be inspected by a Third Party inspector, appointed by DWTC Engineering..
  • Any access equipment, used inside the exhibition halls, has to be electrically operated only.
  • No boom lifts or scissor lifts are allowed to be used within the DWTC premises without approval.

All Contractors must advise the Organiser well in advance on the use of any Boom lift / Cranes etc, in the halls. Without prior approval access will be denied. Please advise on the type, duration and contact mobile no. of the responsible person.



Electrical Information

1. Batteries:

A. General:
Charged batteries may only be exhibited as part of electric lighting, small demonstration, house lighting, plants or other small working devices. No Stand lighting shall be connected thereto. The use of approved purpose made self-contained secondary lighting fittings both of a maintained and non-maintained pattern will be permitted provided they are connected to a 24-hour supply.

B. Terminals:
All terminals of charged batteries, whether in use or not, shall be fitted with a cover of non-conducting incombustible material.

C. Switches and Fuses:
A double pole metal clad switch with suitable fuses shall be fitted and shall control all connections serving such appliances.

D. Charging:

  • Current Regulation: The battery charging unit shall be fitted with an automatic current regulator which cuts off the mains supply to the rectifier when the battery is fully charged and is otherwise of an approved type.
  • Times for Charging: The battery may only be charged on the Stand at times when the Public is not in the Hall.
  • Charger Isolation: The circuit to the charger unit shall be directly connected to DWTC's supply with its own isolator, separate from all other circuits, to permit the isolation of these other circuits without affecting the charging circuit.

E. Enclosure:
The equipment and its charger must stand in a free and enclosed space, the battery box cover shall be removed and the gas vents of the cells shall be cleared and inspected daily.

F. No Smoking Signs:
"No Smoking" signs shall be displayed in the vicinity of the charging operation.

G. Batteries Not in Use:
Charged batteries on exhibit vehicle or other exhibits shall be disconnected at both terminals.

Other Information

Banner Advertising

All Exhibitors that have branded structure (LED, Printed Fabric etc.) suspended above their stand are subject to Banner Advertising Fee. This fee covers the whole size of the structure, not just the logo. Please take this into account when designing your stand.
To place your order please submit BANNER ADVERTISING FORM
Banner installation needs to be ordered using RIGGING FORM


Banner Sites above the Stands:

ANY Banner above an Exhibitor’s Stand is subject to Banner Advertising Fees.

  • Please provide the Organisers with the proposed dimensions of the advertising above your stand for prior approval. All details are to be submitted along with Stand Structure Form and the stand design.
  • This banner will be provided by the exhibitor
  • There is a cost associated to this, kindly contact your account manager for details
  • Double sided, three sided and four sided (box or ring banner) will be charged as per number of sides and the total sqm shall be used to calculate the cost.
  • The banner must be confined within the borders of the space contracted for by the exhibitors.
  • The advertising must not overlook a neighbouring stand.

Method of calculation total length x height x no. of sides x AED 1416/sqm. Entire printed or digital surface is taken into account.


All main aisle space will be fully carpeted in a mix of show branding colors.

Exhibitors with upgraded shell scheme contracts will receive Blue carpet on their stand.


Due to Health and Safety regulations of Dubai Municipality and as per Dubai World Trade Centre (L.L.C.) policy, all food & beverage items that are consumed within the exhibition must be supplied by the Dubai World Trade Centre’s Food & Beverage Department ONLY.

Any food or beverage that is brought in from outside will not be allowed into the venue. For all your onsite stand catering requirements please refer to CATERING FORM or contact;

Dubai World Trade Centre
P.O. Box 9292
United Arab Emirates
Office Hours: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Cash Office: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Timezone: Dubai Standard Time (GMT+4)
Email: eventplus@dwtc.com
Global contact number: +971 4 389 3999
UAE toll-free: 800 655

For your convenience the following facilities are available within the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre:

Exhibition Halls:
The Cafes are located at the rear of Halls 4, 6, 7, 8 & Zabeel Hall. They serve wide varieties of light snacks, sandwiches, salads and beverages.

Trolley Service:
Trolley service with a selection of hot & cold beverages and light snacks is available inside the exhibition halls for your convenience. The trolley comes to you at your stand for service.

Refreshment Carts:
Refreshment Carts serving a variety of snacks and beverages are available in the concourse. You can enjoy a hot dog or sandwich or sweet corn etc while moving in the concourse.

Stand Catering:
Stand Catering is available in the exhibition halls. You can fill the Booth/Stand Catering Services order form (supplied as a separate document) and give it to the organiser’s office or send to us directly by fax or e-mail and we shall make sure that the order is delivered to you at your stand.
This is recommended for your lunch orders and special menus can be provided upon request.

Catering Service:
Catering service for your stands is also available. You can hire a waiter/waitress to serve you and your guests at your stand. For further enquiries please contact Customer Contact Centre – Helpline + 971 4308 6333 eventplus@dwtc.com

Please click here for a list of F&B outlets at DWTC.

Compulsory Insurance

Events of the type, size, and attendance numbers are exposed to wide range of damaging incidents. Even the smallest incident that occurs within a single stand can affect the entire Event. It is not just about replacement or repair of damaged items, but it is about delivering a world class, successful event while knowing that the required safety net is in place.

DWTC has designed an insurance programme to cover liability towards third parties during the Event. The programme also includes additional cover that we think is appropriate and indispensable for the Event, such as cover for liability arising out of erection and dismantling exhibition stands, cover for the Exhibitor’s assets and personal accident cover for the Exhibitor’s employees. A schedule showing the cover at a glance, the original certificate of insurance, a copy of the policy, the claim form to be used in the unfortunate event of an accident and the procedure for lodging the claim are all included within this pack. A copy of the Insurance Policy can be obtained from the Organisers office when you are on site.

This insurance cover is compulsory under the Space Contract Regulations and DWTC has taken out the cover in line with the provision of the applicable law and the stipulations of the Space Contract Regulations. The cost of this cover will be charged to the Exhibitor under a separate invoice and shall be payable in accordance with the Space Contract.

If this invoice is not paid, then regrettably we will be constrained to restrict the Exhibitor’s access to the venue and Exhibitor Badges will not be issued till payment is made. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any other specific or event-related or global policy you may already have in place or propose to take in satisfaction of the insurance requirement mandated in the Space Contract Regulations, even if such policy contains matching cover.

However, should you wish to include any additional risks, benefits or cover within the policy, please email your particular requirements to;
Contact: Marsh Emirates Insurance Brokerage & Consultancy L.L.C – Tanveer Bondre
Email: Tanveer.Bondre@marsh.com Tel: +971 4 212 9239


If an Exhibitor wishes to complain about anything relating to the exhibition they should immediately consult the organisers in the Organiser’s Office.

Customs Clearance

We recommend Exhibitors use the Official Freight Contractors as they have extensive experience in dealing with UAE Customs procedures. Please refer to contact details listed under  OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST.

Commercial Fraud & Trademark Infringement

The Organiser strictly prohibits the display, sale or promotion of counterfeit products. In line with this policy, you may be required to produce proof of authenticity for the products displayed on your stand. For more information contact the Dubai Department of Economic Development:

DED Contact


Maintenance of stands and delivery of stock, catalogues, etc., during the exhibition period should be carried out before the exhibition opens or after it is closed to visitors.

Entertainment/Stand Features

Demonstration and presentation may be performed as an integral part of the stand activity. However, Exhibitors should exercise discretion towards other Exhibitors.


Special features, exhibits and public entertainment programmes at any time throughout the Show may only be incorporated within Exhibitor’s activities provided that they are notified to the Organiser no later than 3 weeks prior to the show.
Failure to register features may result in permission to proceed being withdrawn.

Flowers & Plants

Flowers & Plants are available for hire from our Official Floral Contractor and will be available from the exhibition halls on the eve of the opening day. Flowers may also be purchased. Please refer to contact details listed under OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST.


The Official Show Contractor offer a range of furniture items such as counters, shelf units, display panels, plinths etc on a rental basis for the duration of Exhibition. Full details, specifications, prices and order forms are available in their service manual. Only the Official Contractor is permitted to supply additional stand fittings & furniture. Please refer to the Official Show Contractor Service Manual. Please refer to contact details listed under OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST.

Hotel Accommodation

ONSITE ACCOMMODATION - The Apartments Dubai World Trade Centre

The Apartments pride themselves in providing comfort, great value, and convenience to all guests, both short-term and long-term. Ideally located amongst the major landmarks of Dubai, guests are always at the centre of both business and leisure. One couldn’t be any closer to events at the DWTC. It’s as easy as stepping out of your apartment and into the venue.


Easily accessible from the Metro station, The Apartments are only 10 km away from Dubai International Airport, 5 km from Jumeirah Beach and only 1 km from the famous Dubai Mall with the world’s largest fountain. Available in one, two and three-bedrooms, the serviced apartments are comfortably furnished and can be leased on daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

The Apartments offer access to The Club with a wide selection of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities including swimming pool, kid’s play area and kid’s pool, tennis court, gymnasium, steam and sauna rooms, and the region’s highest outdoor wall climbing facility. Its dining options comprise a multi-cuisine restaurant, a relaxing lounge and al fresco dining at the Pool Bar. Trade Centre Plaza with a wide array of restaurants and cafes is only a short walk away.

Central location, easy access to DWTC and a broad range of accommodation options and impeccable service make The Apartments an ideal choice for Dubai visitors.


Indemnity & Waiver

The Organisers may be held responsible by the Authorities in Dubai for the payment of any customs levy, tax, fine or other monies due from an Exhibitor. Accordingly, Exhibitors must undertake to indemnify the Organisers from any payment, which they are called upon to make to the Authorities on the Exhibitor’s behalf.

The Exhibitors also waive any and all claims that they may have against Dubai World Trade Centre (L.L.C.) of any kind whatsoever, in anyway related to the storage and display of exhibits/equipment during the show whether during, before or after regular show hours.

For more information see your Exhibition Contract Regulations.

Live Entertainment

Any live entertainment conducted by Exhibitors on stands, will have to be routed through Dubai World Trade Centre to obtain the necessary approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

Please provide a copy of the passport of each performer, together with a photograph, in JPEG format (not exceeding 200 KB per document) with the details of the proposed activity. Based on the type of performance and the number of participants the relevant costs will be advised. Kindly note that it takes a minimum of 15 days to receive the approval and all such requests to be submitted latest by 3 weeks prior to the show. The permit is processed by the DWTC Venues Event Plus team. Kindly contact eventplus@dwtc.com for more details if required.

Labour & Gratuities

It will not be possible for Exhibitors to obtain on-site services or labour for the erection of their stands and displays unless prior arrangements have been made. If on-site service or labour is required, please contact the Official Standfitting Contractor for the rates. 

Advance notice of at least one month must be given.

Noise Level

Strict enforcement of the following noise level regulations will be observed. Exhibitors are requested to keep the noise levels of videos, music systems, etc., down. As a rule of thumb to volume levels, they should not interfere with normal conversation on neighbouring stands.

A maximum of 70db will be permitted. If this rule is broken then the Organiser reserves the right to disconnect the power supply. Meters will be used to check the sound levels.

Night Sheets

Night sheets shall be made of inherently non-flammable material or of a material satisfactorily treated or rendered non-inflammable. These must be to Class 1 spread of flame or the appropriate textile or plastic standard.

  • While stands are in use during the open period of the show, arrangements must be made for the storage of the night sheets within the area of the stand. They may not be left, although rolled, in any position where they will cause an obstruction or interrupt line of sight.
  • For those companies using shell scheme, night sheets are available for hire from the Official Contractors. Please give one months’ notice.

Opening Ceremony

On the opening morning of the show, the halls will be closed to ALL persons until 3 hours prior to the show opening for a security check. Once the security check is complete then Exhibitors, displaying their Exhibitor badge will be allowed admission through the appointed entrance. This entrance(s) will be advised during the build-up. Please note that Exhibitors will be subject a security search before being allowed admission. All access times prior to opening ceremony are at the discretion of Dubai Police.


The official exhibition photographer and camera crew will have the photographic rights within the Exhibition Hall. The photographer will be on site during the event. Private photography/video is permissible but prior notification must be given. All approval or time lapse, photo shoot and video shoot within DWTC will require a formal permission from Dubai Police.


Following documents must be submitted 10 working days prior to the build up:

  • Visa Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Emirates ID Copy
  • Mobile Number
  • Shoot Date, Time and Location
  • Shoot Purpose

The above documents must be submitted by the exhibitor to the organiser 5 working days prior to the intended shoot for review and approval by DWTC Security department.

This is not applicable to video crews from an A/V contractor working on a conference / award ceremonies etc. since the crews are getting contractor badges.

Kindly fill in details as per the format (in excel document) below and submit along with the above documents:

Any requests for time-lapse/ photography or videography needs to be made 15 days prior to the date of requirement. CID approval is required and is not within the control of the Organiser or the Venue.

Security form

Preferred Travel Partner - Airlink International UAE

Airlink International UAE is an IATA travel management company and corporate events management service provider, one of the largest and fastest-growing providers in the Middle East. Airlink Travel evolved into being one of the leading business travel management companies in the Middle East, servicing over 1,200 multinational and national corporate companies.


Please refer to contact details listed under OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST.

Prize Draws & Promotions for giveaways BELOW AED 1,000

If a prize draw or promotion giveaway is less that AED 1,000, kindly email Gitexops@dwtc.com to request for a Letter Template.

Prize Draws & Promotions for giveaways ABOVE AED 1,000

If an exhibitor has a DED (Dubai Economic Department) licence, they will need to obtain an NOC from DWTC addressed to DED, which is available in the Exhibitor Order Forms section under Optional Forms. 

Below are the details on the process exhibitor need to follow to apply for raffles or draws when prize items are superior to AED 1,000 each.

The raffle permit is issued by the DED Branch Office located in the Dubai Mall (Counter Nr 6 - Business Registration and Licensing Section). The opening times are from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.


The following documents must be presented:

  • DED Licence Copy
  • NOC from DWTC (available under Exhibitor Order Forms-Optional Forms-Dubai Economic Department Letter)
  • Letter from the Exhibitor indicating the draw process, the draw date(s), the number of winners, the numbers of draws and the total value of the prizes (letter template in link below).

Kindly email Gitexops@dwtc.com to request for a Letter Template

If an exhibitor does not have a DED licence, they must authorise their counterpart in the region or any agency (not based in a free zone) they work with to apply on their behalf.

Product Launches

As part of the pre-Show promotion, press releases and regular updates will be circulated by our dedicated PR agency. Therefore, if an Exhibitor intends to launch any new products at the show, whether as a World, UAE or GCC debut, please advise our PR agency, in the first instance.

Public Address System

The Public Address System will be used for limited show related messages during build-up and break-down. During the exhibition, its use is restricted to emergencies only.

Raffle/ Draw Policy

Any raffle draw organised during and event is now subject to a raffle draw policy as per rules and regulations of the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). It is very important that you are aware of the revised procedure. If a raffle draw is organised without prior approval or the delivery of the awards(s) to the winner(s) is not in line with the policy detailed below, the draw organiser will be fined.

  • The permission must be obtained directly from DED, and the applicable charges settled with DED. The value of the prize should be based on the UAE market value at the time of the draw.
  • If you are a non-UAE based company and require permission from DED, you should apply through one of Dubai licensed PR/Advertising agency, or through the main organiser if based in UAE.
  • The winner must receive his/her award(s) from the draw organiser within 10 days from the date of the draw. If the draw organiser leaves the UAE before handing over all the awards to the winner within the day 10 day period, the prizes must remain with the event organizer till the 10 day period expires, the prizes must be consigned to the DED. For more information, please contact DED on 04-6069888 or 04- 2853161.
  • If the draw prizes have not been collected or delivered within the 10 day- period, the draw organiser (or in in his/her absence the event organiser will consign with the DED.
  • Raffle draw organiser’s employees and their family members are not entitled to participate in the raffle draws(s) in any way.

Kindly email Gitexops@dwtc.com to request for a Draw Application Form

Rubbish Removal

Any packing material or other similar materials brought into the premises and all debris arising from the construction or dismantling of standfittings, etc, must be removed from the premises by the Exhibitor or its Contractor.
The organiser reserves the right to pass on any charges for the removal of any rubbish not removed direct to the Exhibitor or its Contractor.

DWTC skips for catering refuse are not for Exhibitors or Contractors use under any circumstances. Quotations for skip hire, collection and removal of waste material, standfittings, etc, at the Exhibitor’s or Contractor’s expense, can be obtained from the DWTC as follows:-

Dubai World Trade Centre
P.O. Box 9292
United Arab Emirates
Office Hours: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Cash Office: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Timezone: Dubai Standard Time (GMT+4)
Email: eventplus@dwtc.com
Global contact number: +971 4 389 3999
UAE toll-free: 800 655

Rule Enforcement

DWTC is committed to ensuring that the Show regulations are enforced consistently.
Due notice/warning will be issued in writing ONCE ONLY and if an Exhibitor continues to be in breach of a regulation after issue of a warning, DWTC may take all and any actions necessary.


Each Exhibitor must undertake to erect a stand that is in keeping with the high reputation of the Show. Upon inspection, should an Exhibitor’s stand, in the opinion of the Organiser, whose decision is final, fail to be of a quality that reflects the event as a whole, the Organiser has the authority to carry out any actions applicable, of which any costs or expenses are to be borne by the Exhibitor.

Storage of Material

Cavities and spaces around stands shall not be used for storage of empty crates, cartons, boxes or packaging material.

Exhibitors bringing material into the halls for display purposes must consider the storage arrangements for any spare materials or packaging.

  • The rears of the stands are designated utility areas and do not form part of the exhibition or sold space. It is a requirement from Dubai Civil Defence to keep a 1 meter clear gap between stands and the walls.
  • Direct arrangements for storage of empties and show consumables should be made with the Official Freight Forwarder, (See contact details listed under OFFICIAL SERVICE CONTRACTORS LIST). 

Otherwise, Exhibitors must arrange for their cartons and cases to be transported back to their own premises.


General security arrangements for the exhibition will be controlled by the organisers in conjunction with the local authorities in Dubai. Security personnel will patrol the exhibition halls in general, but their duties will not include special attention to individual stands. Exhibitors should exercise due care and attention with regards to safety of their exhibits. Valuable items and smaller exhibits, which may be easily stolen, should be kept in a secure place. If your displays are valuable and sensitive and you wish to hire security personnel to attend to your stand exclusively, whether for the open period and/or overnight then please contact our Security Department for security services please refer to SECURITY FORM.

Dubai World Trade Centre
P.O. Box 9292
United Arab Emirates
Office Hours: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Cash Office: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Timezone: Dubai Standard Time (GMT+4)
Global contact number: +971 4 389 3999
UAE toll-free: 800 655

It is recommended that a member of staff man the stand at least half an hour before the exhibition opens and until all visitors have left the hall. Under no circumstances should a stand be unmanned during the open periods of the exhibition.

While the Organisers will make all reasonable arrangements for security coverage, they are not responsible for any loss or damage, which may occur, and it will be the Exhibitor’s responsibility for the security of their stand, its exhibits and contents including personal property. Appropriate insurance coverage should be arranged. See Compulsory Insurance.

Stand Cleaning

Dubai World Trade Centre (L.L.C.) has the exclusive rights for housekeeping services inside the halls.Stand Cleaning is not part of the stand rental cost. Stand cleaning services will have to be ordered separately from our House Keeping Department. Please refer to for more details STAND CLEANING FORM for more details

The Dubai World Trade Centre offers cleaning and waste disposal services for all areas of the exhibition and convention industry. Our fully trained staff is here to advice on all requirements from carpet cleaning, glass cleaning to special waste removal. We offer a one stop shop for all your cleaning requirements with our years of experience in this very challenging industry. We have a commitment to superior service and an eye for details.

  • In order to provide the best service we require a minimum of two business days’ notice prior to the tenancy. Cancellation of service can be done 24 hours prior to service.
  • DWTC shall not provide any cleaning material to be used by the Exhibitor.
  • All housekeeping service ordered must be paid in full prior to any service commencing. DWTC will accept Visa, Master & American Express cards or cash.
  • All service orders during the show must be guaranteed by credit card; any balance of charges due will be billed to this credit card unless payment is received at the end of the show.
  • DWTC cannot be held responsible for any loss, claim or damage related to cleaning of exhibits or for items claimed as lost after the event is over.
  • Dubai World Trade Centre Housekeeping Department holds exclusive rights to all housekeeping services within the DWTC complex.

Please contact;

Event Plus
Dubai World Trade Centre
P.O. Box 9292
United Arab Emirates
Office Hours: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Cash Office: Sun - Thurs, 8am - 5pm
Timezone: Dubai Standard Time (GMT+4)
Global contact number: +971 4 389 3999
UAE toll-free: 800 655

For more information on services for Pre-opening and daily cleaning of the stand, please refer to STAND CLEANING FORM.

DWTC reserves the right to remove/dispose of any cartons, cases and / or packing material left in the exhibition halls/behind stands. Any cost incurred will be borne by the Exhibitor.

Temporary Stand on Staff

This information is requested by Dubai Police. Applicable for exhibitors who are hiring hostesses and promoters to work in their stand only. Please note that you will have to order Exhibitor Badges for them also.

Vehicle Exhibits

Exhibitors are required to complete Vehicle Arrival Schedule Form and return to the Organiser at least 2 weeks before the vehicle is being delivered.
All vehicles and other exhibits must comply with the following, prior to being left unattended on the stand:-

  • The fuel tank should contain the minimum amount of fuel which, as a guide, should be just above the reserve.
  • The fuel tank must be sealed with a locked cap.
  • All batteries within vehicles must either be removed or permanently isolated and made safe during the period of the Show. If there is a requirement to charge a battery it must be done so with an electric charger and not by running the vehicle engine.

See Batteries – Electrical Information.


  • Electrical devices such as windows, lights, radios and other electronic equipment must be powered by a means other than the vehicle battery, confirmation of which must be identified in safety management documentation.
  • All vehicles must be positioned within the boundaries of the stand so that any protrusions, doors, tail lifts etc, do not infringe the stand perimeter and allow adequate maneuvering space between the cars and the stand edge for visitors and stand staff to prevent the possibility of tripping.
  • Apart from delivery and departure during the build-up and breakdown periods, the running of internal combustion engines is strictly prohibited, especially when the public are in the halls during the opening hours of the Show and is particularly relevant on the last day.
  • Filling or emptying of fuel tanks on site is strictly prohibited at any time.
  • Vehicle exhibits with raising/tipping capacity, be they manual, hydraulic or electric must, at all times, where applicable, have the correct working safety collars, catches and mechanisms.

Visa Assistance

Please note: Visas will not be processed without hotel accommodation.

The following Nationalities do not need to apply for a visa in advance to enter Dubai and can obtain the entry permit on arrival: GCC residents, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City. For all other nationalities a visa must be obtained prior to arrival in the UAE.

The visa requirements, the relevant forms and the visa rates will be sent to you by the hotel along with the room confirmation number. Upon receipt of the relevant forms, please complete and return them to the email address specified on the form along with scanned, clear copies of all the requested documents.

  • The weekend in the UAE is Friday & Saturday.
  • The immigration office is closed on these days.
  • Please note that some airlines may need the visa to be produced prior to boarding the aircraft. If this is the case please notify us as soon as possible to initiate the visa application process with the hotel.
  • Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended period of stay.
  • As per the UAE regulations all hotels charge a visa security deposit of AED 5,000/- for each visa request.
  • An additional charge of AED 2,000/- is needed for the following nationalities: Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco & Tunisia (subject to change by immigration without notice).
  • The visa fees and visa security deposit are charged prior to processing the visa. The visa fees are non-refundable if the visa application is unsuccessful or rejected by immigration. The visa security deposit will be refunded once the delegate has left the UAE and the exit stamp page has been emailed or faxed to the hotel. After the receipt of the exit stamp page please allow 3 to 4 weeks for completion of the refund process.

VoIP Policy from TRA

Please note that there are policies and regulations issued by the U.A.E. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (the “TRA”) pertaining to the sales of telecommunications apparatus and services including and not limited to SIM Cards, Telephone Calling Cards and Voice Over IP (VoIP) services and products at the Enterprise and B2B levels within the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). If you are presenting any VoIP services on your stand or require a VoIP connection please contact us TRA in order to register your intent and to receive the Declaration Form before submitting your request to the TRA. The applicable laws and regulations governing the sale and use of telecommunications apparatus and services in the U.A.E can be viewed at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) website www.tra.gov.ae. For further information and clarification, please contact TRA at +971 4 626 9999.

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