Modern Education

Gearing up to the future of super jobs

GITEX Modern Education takes on reinventing education for the future disruptive workplace interweaving globalization and interoperability of education innovations. Edtech is a central aspect of all levels of education globally and as educators worldwide are learning to embrace and leverage technology for academics and operations, the role of tech only continues to grow. You will gain insights into technology’s essential role in global education, the current and emerging trends all educators should understand, and get introduced to compelling success stories that illustrate technology’s promise for enhancing access and outcomes.

- Find out about the Future of work and how the labor market demands will evolve across the decade of the 2030's.

- How to engage the Millennials and Gen Z workforce through gaming for the work-floor of tomorrow

- Physics Girl YouTube channel, examines the unique way that science videos enrich the learning experience

- Tech4good: How refugees become software developers, a powerful free program that combines online and in-person learning

- Hear from a student what needs to change in order for his generation to reach their fullest potential and be ready to excel in tomorrow’s world



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