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Conference Programme

For the first time, GITEX Tech Week & GITEX Future Stars will feature a combined conference programme, bringing the best of both worlds – tech titans and startups – in one truly empowering agenda.

- Learn from 250 of the biggest tech minds on stage
- Power-packed keynote sessions and 9 sector-focused conferences
- 290+ hours of debating and discussing major trends: 5G, Healthcare, Marketing & more

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5G - The countdown has begun, but is 5G ready for the big time and what will it look like? The only consensus is that it’s a major breakthrough that will revolutionise connectivity, of both people and devices, to transform every industry and sector out there. This conference is for companies delivering the future to make plans today for leveraging 5G technology for their business

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Smart Cities - are more than a buzz—they're the wave of the future, 60% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by 2050. With citizens at the epicentre of a smart city, just how smart are the world’s smartest cities? And what is on the horizon? Find out here.


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Startups - Times have changed, and the rules of the game have changed. Inventors today, need more than just a great idea. But, a complex set of skills to take their great idea to the next level and ensure success. Perfect your game: Get valuable tips from the leaders of the world’s most successful companies on how to achieve and maintain growth.

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FinTech - 2020 will not be a continuation of the past when it comes to banking technology. Which technology trends will matter most in the coming years? AI? Cloud? Digital-only banks? Ignoring these questions is to the detriment of financial institutions. At moneyTalks, experts find the answers for you.

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Digital Marketing -  marketing is at the core of every company for how it communicates, presents itself and by extension, shapes its  preferences, and expectations of the audience. This track is at the intersection of technology and culture, where you will discover new paths to innovate the ways you reach and engage with your audience.

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Retail Tech - Using tech to compete against disruptive giants like Amazon and Alibaba, will continue to be at the forefront of retailer’s strategy. But what should your tech check-list comprise of? Here, experts discuss technology putting your consumer at the centre of your strategy.

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Energy - Advancements in energy have long seen a linear development in improvements to efficiency and price of energy production and distribution. New technology is now placing the sector on the cusp of total disruption to redefine the realm of possibilities for how we plan cities and industry. This conference forecasts and explores these trends from exploration, renewable, storage and distribution.

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Healthcare - There’s never been a more exciting time to be living than right now! What do the most influential physicians think? What are startups developing to help further? What more is there to offer? Hear our experts discuss P4 of medicine; prevention, prediction, personalization and participatory healthcare.


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Education - Re-inventing the global education system and sparking innovation, technology is already sweeping through classrooms as more and more products are being designed to enhance education. What does modern education look like today? Be a part of the changing face of education - connect, collaborate and engage.


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