Global SME’sMeet with 400+ Small to Medium Businesses from 40+ countries with solutions and products ranging from 3D printing to Wearable tech.Offering affordable solutions, these nimble tech businesses could provide the answers to start your business on the road to a digital future.


Many organisations prefer to work with multiple technology vendors delivering specicialised solutions and expertise, nimble roll outs and cost-effective pricing. The Global SME hall offers the full range of technology choices from systems integration to hardware, Sas, BI and cloud solutions.

  • Visitors travelled from 72 countries to procure solutions from a SME
  • 15,604 visitors were buyers of an SMB product or service
  • 6,865 had direct purchasing responsibility
  • 4,600 had a budget in excess of $100,000
  • 1,702 were looking to purchase directly from an SMB at GITEX Technology Week


Global SME’s Facts & Figures

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