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Haymarket Media Group Turbocharges with Apigee’s API Management Platform

Haymarket Media Group Turbocharges with Apigee’s API Management Platform
Released:  24 Sep 2015
By:  Apigee

Apigee (NASDAQ: APIC), developer of an intelligent API platform for digital business, announced today that it has been selected by Haymarket Media Group, a specialist in creating digital, mobile, print and live media, to provide the API management for the UK's biggest online motoring forum,

Launched in 1998 as a fan site for sports car owners, Haymarket’s now has over 7,500 daily posts and over 100,000 cars listed at any one time in its classified pages. The site is leveraging the Apigee Edge API management platform as a key enabling technology to securely manage and deliver content to both consumers and PistonHeads partners.

Phase one of Haymarket’s digital initiative with Apigee has now gone live and involves PistonHeads powering the motoring sections for the UK’s Trinity Mirror Group, providing a seamless mechanism for readers to search classified adverts on the website and contact sellers directly. Apigee enables Haymarket to easily customize PistonHeads content and control which cars appear on certain websites, helping provide more relevant ads and improve the quality of leads.

The deployment of Apigee Edge is a key part of Haymarket Media Group’s broader transformation strategy, helping it to digitize its content and provide a more personalized and engaging experience for readers across devices. The company intends to use its API layer to open up a range of other business revenue opportunities, such as providing community access to its data to enable third-party app development and direct access for manufacturers and dealers to help address reader enquiries directly.

“Haymarket has a strong reputation for delivering industry-leading content across a range of consumer and business titles,” said Peter Dignan, platform director - PistonHeads at Haymarket Media Group. “With over 50 per cent of our customers now accessing our content from mobile or tablet devices, we need to be smarter in how we distribute and convey data in order to maximize audience engagement.”

APIs are a key technology for businesses in today’s digital world. Behind every mobile app, smart device and connected experience sits at least one API, enabling software applications to exchange data and “talk” to other applications.  Apigee’s intelligent API platform helps businesses use APIs to securely share data and services across devices to serve customers in a real-time, anywhere-anytime fashion and use data to continually improve the customer experience.

“Having all of our data sit on an API will enable us to be much more agile in the delivery of our digital content, and we’ll be looking to partner with other major news publications to provide specialist motoring content through their channels. Exposing our data through APIs will also enable us to use data analytics to understand what content drives interest and help ensure we’re reaching our audience in the most effective way.”

“Our immediate goal is to increase the number of lead conversions for dealers and drive direct engagement with potential buyers through the API,” added Dignan. “We’re now able to move to a cost per lead model, and we can measure this value through the API, which is truly transformational for our business. However, we don’t want the relationship to end once the car is purchased. Exposing our APIs and data will enable us to continue engagement through the lifecycle of the product with other useful content, experiences and offers.”   

"With advertising budgets declining, content and media agencies are leveraging their data to be smarter with their content and engage with their audiences more effectively,” said Ed Anuff, vice president of product strategy at Apigee. “The ability to create and share all content via APIs enables Haymarket to be more agile and bring new products to market quickly. Haymarket is digitally transforming by adapting its business models and disrupting the traditional advertising space in order to remain relevant in the digital era.”

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