Gitex 2015 - TechAhead Software Now an Official Xamarin Consulting Partner

Gitex 2015

18-22 OCTOBER 2015

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  • TechAhead Software Now an Official Xamarin Consulting Partner

    TechAhead Software Now an Official Xamarin Consulting Partner
    TechAhead Software Now an Official Xamarin Consulting Partner
    Released:  10 Dec 2014
    By:  Techahead Software Pvt. Ltd.

    he mobile revolution has brought with it the need to keep pace with the ever-changing market share of platforms and the switch to innovative device types, features and form factors. In this scenario, cross-platform development helps in extending the reach of apps, and Xamarin helps enterprises thrive in this rapidly changing landscape with proven technology and API-binding capabilities that allow for quick device operating system updates.

    For enterprises, Xamarin presents the opportunity to future proof their investment in mobility, and to help with the process, the company has a network of 200 consulting partners worldwide who have first-hand experience in developing apps at any stage of the app lifecycle. TechAhead Software has recently been named one of Xamarin’s Official Consulting Partners.

    Xamarin helps in building native and hybrid apps across various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, using C# as code base. For enterprises, this helps in reducing app development and maintenance costs.

    Vikas Kaushik, CEO of TechAhead Software said, “TechAhead has been working with Xamarin for the past few years developing successful cross-platform apps for clients that help in reducing costs of developing separately for each platform. We are pleased to be an Official Xamarin Consulting Partner as it serves as recognition of our extensive experience in cross-platform mobile application development.”


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