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ORing Launches Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switches Supporting Three Redundancy Technologies

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ORing Launches Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switches Supporting Three Redundancy Technologies
18 Aug 2014

Taipei, Taiwan - June 27, 2014 - Following the success of the DES-3082GP-AIO_S industrial Ethernet switch, a cost-effective and high-performance solution designed for highway applications, ORing announced a new Gigabit industrial Ethernet switch featuring a high port density and bypass function. Known as DGS-9812GP-AIO_S, the switch supports three types of redundancy, including Ring topology, dual power inputs, and optical bypass. The combination of the three significantly reduces component footprints and the difficulty of introducing components, making it the best option for industrial customers.


The bypass-enabled DGS-9812GP-AIO_S comes with 8 Gigabit ports and 12 100/1000Base-T(X) SFP ports. With support for 9.6k bytes Jumbo frame, the device is able to meet demand for HD image and large data transmission. Apart from bypass function and Gigabit speed, the device is equipped with two power supplies to provide redundant power when necessary. When the device breaks down, the optical bypass function will be activated, allowing data to be transmitted to the destination without passing through the inactive switch, thereby achieving uninterrupted transmission and higher network reliability.


The product supports a variety of network redundancy protocols such as O-Ring (recovery time < 30ms over 250 connections), Open-Ring, and MSTP/RSTP/STP (IEEE 802.1s/w/D). With rapid recovery capabilities, the device effectively prevents data losses caused by network interruptions or equipment breakdown. The IEEE 1588v2 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) compliance of DGS-9812GP-AIO_S makes the device an ideal solution for real-time surveillance. In addition, the conformity to IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard means it can adjust power output by automatically detecting network traffic, thereby reducing power consumption during low-traffic periods.


Both DGS-9812GP-AIO_S and DES-3082GP-AIO_S are integrated with an outstanding power management system, the Open Vision_v3.6 network management software. By using Open Vision_v3.6 with Google Map, users can manage the system on a visualized interface and control and monitor all Ethernet switches remotely. When an error occurs, the alarm will be triggered immediately, helping the administrator to access on-site information from a remote location.


ORing is backed up by a team of marketing specialists and technical staff that provide topnotch and real-time services. For more information on our new products, visit ORing website at You can also email us at or contact our regional distributors to acquire information on our products, technical support, or quotes. We are committed to providing exclusive and efficient services for our customers.




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