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Big Data Analytics Solutions Powered by Lauren

Big Data Analytics Solutions Powered by Lauren
Released:  11 May 2015
By:  Lauren Technology

Lauren, premier business partner of IBM, brings to you IBM Big Data and Analytics solutions, for your BI reporting and data analysis requirements. Lauren employs IBM POWER8 processors to give you a powerful big data analytical tool for your business intelligence reporting and analytics.

What is Big Data and Analytics?

Big Data is defined as high-volume, high-velocity, varied data. Technology, such as it is at present, is already generating huge data that is dynamic and contains useful information for your business. What you require are the right tools to analyze the information.

Big Data Analytics is the practice of sifting through large sets of data with the intention of discovering valuable business insights. It is very important that you choose the right platform to implement BDA, so that you could optimize your IT infrastructure to meet your requirements.

What can BDA do for your business

In recent years, technology has taken a turn for the better as far as businesses are concerned. Data is available at your fingertips to analyze trends and predict your customers’ inclinations. This would give you the edge in the competitive market, so that you can leverage the advantage of predictive analytics to your advantage. Your business could benefit significantly from analyzing this complex data in the least amount of time possible.

  1. Global trends are driving the need for analytics

According to a survey, 84% consumers research on social media before making a purchase decision. Trends are evolving and changing even as you read this. This constantly-generating data contains indications of your customers’ preferences, shaped by the social media. With IBM POWER8, you can analyze this humongous data in a short span of time. This could enable you to cater to your customers’ requirements in a pro-active manner.


  1. IBM POWER8 processors deliver high-value insights for BDA

The IBM power architecture is the basis for big data and analytics. This is supported across all IBM POWER systems to give you the best of IBM’s big data analytics tool. Lauren employs IBM POWER8 processors for solutions such as IBM Data Engine for Analytics.

  1. Real-time analysis with maximum ROI

With IBM Power analytics giving you real-time insights, you can have a competitive advantage in the market. Whether it is industries or online retailers, BDA is playing a big role in maximizing ROI.

How can Lauren help you with your BDA requirements

Lauren, premium business partner of IBM, delivers vertical-specific IT solutions for your business. Lauren deploys IBM System using POWER8 servers for your BDA requirements.

Lauren Technologies, in partnership with IBM offers you solutions for your BDA requirements. IBM brings its technology in high performance computing in the arena of BDA. With IBM, you get real-time insights for your BI reporting to maximize ROI. IBM Power Systems™ can help you transform your business, with its top-of-the-line BDA technology.



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