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12-16 October 2014

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Milagrow launches India’s most powerful TabTop PC with QuadCore Processor

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Milagrow launches India’s most powerful TabTop PC with QuadCore Processor
02 Jun 2014

Milagrow launches India’s most powerful TabTop PC with QuadCore Processor


New Delhi : Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions, India’s leading provider of tech-enabled solutions for growing businesses, today launched India’s most powerful TabTop PC – the new M8 Pro 3G with Quadcore.

The TabTop PC features a Rockhip 3188 processor that clocks speeds up to 1.6Ghz. Based on ARM’s cortex A9 design architecture, this quadcore processor delivers speed upto 3 times faster than the processors based on A5 cortex and upto 1.8 times faster than A7 cortex family processors.

On the ocassion Milagrow Founder Mr. Rajeev Karwal said , “ We are excited to  launch the new M8 Pro 3G.  This TabTop PC packs performance of the latest quadcore technology with an unrivalled feature set of mobile sensors and user interface with an optimum battery life. The TabTop Pc is specially designed for users who demand serious computing power from their mobile devices and can be used by professionals on the go and also for leisure purposes such as video streaming”

M8 Pro 3G boasts of 16GB inbuilt storage, which can be expanded to 64GB with a micro SD card. Together with an option to support external storage up to 2TB and a 2GB dual channel DDR3 RAM included, the device offers productivity and serious performance akin to the latest Laptops.

Some other key features include:

·         A capacitive touch panel with 1280x800 resolution and 9.4” screen size combined with a Gorilla Glass screen to ensure a great Mobile Tablet experience for the user

·         The wide IPS angle of 178 degrees, which implies that several people, can observe the display while being away from the centre and without having to huddle in front of the device

·         M8 Pro 3G offers an array of inbuilt sensors to enhance the mobile device experience. A combination of 10 inbuilt sensors such as ECompass, EyeProtect etc. means that the device offers the best in class experience and delivers features that can be leveraged by latest mobile apps

·         Featuring a multitude of connectivity options, it offers seamless connectivity indoors and while traveling. 802.11AC compatible, 5thGeneration WiFi technology offers the fastest indoor connectivity options, while an inbuilt 3G SIM ensures outdoor connectivity

·         M8 Pro 3G also boasts of HDMI Miracast technology which allows it to share audio and video with other devices wirelessly

·         Packaged with Jelly Bean Android, M8 Pro 3G supports upto 8 users out of which 3 can be logged in simultaneously. The multiuser feature with custom UI that supports multiple windows enables a true multi-tasking environment

·         A 5MP primary camera with LED flash offers HD recording capability. 2MP secondary camera in the front offers video-calling options

·         A battery life of over 12 hours that minimizes the need for frequent charging, coupled with the device’s full 1080HD playback ability and dual speakers for surround sound effect makes M8 Pro 3G  a true portable Tablet PC


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