Gitex 2015 - PLANET New Product [WNAP-6335] - Flexible and Diverse Enough to Meet Multifarious Needs

Gitex 2015

18-22 OCTOBER 2015

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  • PLANET New Product [WNAP-6335] - Flexible and Diverse Enough to Meet Multifarious Needs

    PLANET New Product [WNAP-6335] - Flexible and Diverse Enough to Meet Multifarious Needs
    PLANET New Product [WNAP-6335] - Flexible and Diverse Enough to Meet Multifarious Needs
    Released:  15 May 2015
    By:  PLANET Technology Corp.


    Flexible to Build Various Applications

    PLANET WNAP-6335 can connect to different types of antennas including omnidirectional, yagi, sector, flat-panel and grid antennas via the built-in RP-SMA connectors to meet the requirements of your applications. With higher gain dual-polarity antenna, it is able to give full play to the 2T2R MIMO performance. Furthermore, using the popular 2.4GHz frequency band can directly connect with the wireless IP cameras, thus turning the surveillance services into a wireless environment.


    Greater Efficiency with Brand-new Technology

    The WNAP-6335 comes with built-in 500mW ultra high transmitting power which can provide wider and farther coverage. The IP55 UV resistance housing and Grounding Terminal design make it strong enough to withstand harsh environments and capable to ward off direct lightning strikes. The WNAP-6335 adopts TDMA (time division multiple access) technology to dramatically boost wireless efficiency as network capacity increases. With load balancing, the real throughput among pairs in point to multi-point architecture is thus able to maintain a steady connection with excellent performance.

    ♦ 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi speed up to 300Mbps

    ♦ RP-SMA connectors for flexible wireless deployment

    ♦ TDMA Technology enhances greater wireless efficiency

    ♦ Easy to manage by Planet Smart Discovery and self-healing mechanism

    ♦ IP55 protection, UV resistance and Grounding Terminal design for outdoor use

    ♦ Passive PoE and LAN2 Passive PoE Pass-through convenient to connect the WNAP-7325 or the WNAP-7335 for backhaul link



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