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Increase Profitability with Next Generation iPhone Applications

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Increase Profitability with Next Generation iPhone Applications
04 Oct 2013

Back in 2000, businesses were more confined to traditional offices and people needed to stick around their laptops for work. Things quickly changed with growth of Smartphone for then hundreds of application sprouted and people began to use internet over mobile. Fast forward to today, there’s an app explosion with millions of gaming, business, travel and other applications available for people to make lives simpler and better.  Work, today, no more requires sticking to the office or grooving around laptop. With the launch of iPhone5, it eventually comes out that Apple is continuously working towards upgrading iPhone to a complete business utility device.

With these advances, Business applications have gained whole new importance for improving efficiency and profitability. There’s a whole world of iPhone applications available which are meant for businessmen to get access to important documents, company finances, handle customer support and manage business communication on the go. Now, its up on businessmen to understand the utility of these and henceforth, enhance productivity and profitability.

Though the inbuilt basic iPhone applications can serve as good tool for professionals, but they are basics and market, today, is flooded with advanced once. We have listed here a few iPhone applications for you. Have a look at this list:

  1. Mint: This application helps you keep a track on your financial health. You can manage your expenses, keep a track on bills and set budget, all with this one app.
  2. To-Do: As a busy business person, keeping a track of your tasks and remembering important once can be difficult. With this simple application developed by Hiteshi Technologies, you can mark up your own daily to-do list. Get notifications, calendar, set task list and reminders.  Its your own personal task manager that keeps you alert.
  3. Roambi Analytics: Being a business person, it becomes important to remember numbers. Sales figures, account balances, expenses, etc.. Ever had problem dealing and remembering these numbers? Roambi Analytics can be a savior. It collects data and presents to you in a visually simple and understandable way.
  4. Blue Jeans: Blue Jeans is a one of its kind video conferencing tool which enables you to go for a video chat while letting the user to continue doing other works. It’s a free app which helps you join a video chat from practically anywhere.
  5. MarketWatch: It’s a tool for business persons that keeps you informed on global financial matters. Market watch is a business application which gives updates on market news, analysis and insights in the real-time.

No doubt that iPhone application can help you take logical decisions quicker by providing you apt information with its artificial business intelligence. Again, there are a number of application developers, like Hiteshi Technologies, who can make an application which can be customized as per your business requirements. Such applications can be integrated with company’s owned devices whereby helping share internally and maintain confidentiality.

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