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AMI StorTrends as one of the most trusted Brands 28 June 2013-VAR India

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04 Oct 2013

Besides the fact that it stands out today as  one of the few companies worldwide with rich heritage of technology solutions, AMI has one more credit to its name that any Indian would love to be proud of – the company was started by two Indians back in 1985 in Georgia, USA. AMI, in due course, revolutionized the computer industry with its technically advanced and superior system booting firmware, AMIBIOS that even today powers more than half the computer systems worldwide. Following in the footsteps of achievement was MegaRAID, the first hardware RAID card. MegaRAC, remote management solution, a favourite amongst OEMs, has helped more than 90% of servers globally to be accessed remotely. Award-winning hardware diagnostic utility, AMI Diag, made the PC and server diagnosis an easy task. With a strong technology expertise, AMI stepped into the storage industry with StorTrends and IPSAN-NAS storage solution. 

Even today after many years since its inception, AMI makes its impact fall on the computing industry and continues to deliver solutions that are seen in various products and solutions across the industry.

Unique Quotient

A brand, according to AMI, represents the intangible asset value of an organization. It represents the trust/reputation, quality, support and performance standards the organization maintains. AMI as a brand is a commitment to its customers. It keeps its brand promise with its customers in order to restore their faith in the brand. By continuously investing in R&D and innovating technological solutions, it aims to help in cutting operational costs and creating value for the customer. AMI believes that the technological solutions provided by it will continuously reduce TCO and increase operational efficiency. It believes in continuous improvement and to a greater extent its service excellence and feedback management solutions have helped several corporates and healthcare institutions to reduce costs, streamline operations and improve end-customer satisfaction.  

As an established player with reliable and dependable track record, it continuously provides customer-centric, state-of-the-art innovative technical solutions with best quality and dependable support. For instance, AMI has been successful for more than two decades for booting up more than 500 million computers across the globe day in and day out with AMIBIOS.

Competitive Advantage

Delivering innovative technological solutions that meet the customer’s requirements worldwide has been AMI’s strength over the years and continues to be so, even today.

Feats Fetched

AMI’s core competencies are in the areas of IPSAN storage solutions, embedded services and solutions for operational excellence and management.


Product Suite

* Infrastructure Management (IT Storage, ThinClient, Asset Management, Helpdesk)

* Operational Support (Service Excellence, Knowledge Management, Feedback Management System, Fleet Management)

* Embedded Services (BIOS, OS porting, Driver Development, Platform Validation and Firmware Services) for OEM’s Cloud and Mobile App Development

Did you know?

* AMIBIOS powers more than half a billion systems worldwide. More than 90% of the servers running mission-critical applications are remotely monitored by AMI’s MegaRAC Remote Management Solution.

* AMI’s enterprise solutions have helped several healthcare institutions to streamline operations, reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. For example, recently Apollo Hospitals has won the AIMA award for “Breakthough Innovation in Service Delivery” with “Patient Satisfaction Tracking System (PSTS)” based on AMI’s FMS (Feedback Management System).


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