Gitex 2015

18-22 OCTOBER 2015

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    GTX Ignite
    09:30 - 09:55
    10:00 - 10:15
    10:10 - 10:35
    Smart Cities
    - The internet of everything for cities - Connecting people, process, data, and things to improve the 'livability' of cities and communities
    10:40 - 11:05
    Smart Cities
    - Operating models for IoT enabled city - IoT deployment planning - Data ownership by the city - Design and innovation - Governance models - the urgency to establish a new rules of the game
    11:10 - 11:35
    Smart Cities
    - Creating international collaboration and partnerships - Implementing sustainable initiatives through collaboration
    11:40 - 12:05
    Smart Cities
    - Case studies on recent developments in smart parking, traffic congestion, smart lighting, - Ideas for improving efficiency through sharing, data, codes and standards - Enabling collaborating with all stakeholders including the public, government and private sector
    12:10 - 12:35
    Smart Cities
    As a striker, Oliver Bierhoff embodied world class performance on the pitch. Today he continues to raise the bar in the world of football, as Manager of the German national team, by continuously developing new ways to improve not only the team but also the sport. Oliver and his team (coaches and scouts) started in 2004 and won the World Cup 10 years later. His message is: change does not come easy and you need to put the proper processes into place. Once that happens, things become more efficient and effective over time with the use of technology becoming the critical last piece of the puzzle.
    12:40 - 13:05
    Smart Cities
    Technology is rapidly evolving. Cities do not yet have a capable policy framework to contend with these changes. City external networks can facilitate real-time experimentation with emerging technologies that otherwise would be difficult to support through local city governance. In this session, we'll showcase how to leverage this innovation within cities.
    13:10 - 14:05
    14:10 - 14:35
    Smart Cities
    - Enhancing communication between a city's residents, institutions and facilities - Transforming 300+ government e-services into smart services - Building and implementing modern smart parks and beaches
    14:40 - 15:05
    Smart Cities
    - Encouraging user driven open innovation with Living Labs, open networks and digital production - Understanding the Internet of Things: an "epic struggle" or a "new utopia"? - Developing Future Internet enabled smart services through co-production
    15:10 - 15:35
    Smart Cities
    - Integrating security into plans for smart city development - Cost balancing smart data management systems against the security benefits
    15:40 - 16:05
    Smart Cities
    - Securing first responders data centres from hackers - Understanding the data protection issues of cyber security and the impact and challenges of BYOD
    16:10 - 16:30

    GTX Techvericals
    10:40 - 11:15
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Banking
    - Case study at some of world's most innovative banks - How do online-centric banks operate through the internet and using social media? - How customer service, communications and engagement to new product development is all happening on social media
    10:40 - 11:05
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Education
    - Are Massive Open On-Line Courses (MOOCs) more than an educational loss-leader? - How 'learner analytics' data is powering the Internet of Things of student engagement and progress - Are universities waking up to the high capital costs of proprietary server systems? - How educational institutions are planning for protected power supplies, data replication and cyber-attack mitigation
    11:10 - 11:35
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Education
    - Provide greater accessibility to education information for faculty members and students - Creating adaptive, cost-effective classrooms with in-built mobile access - Ensuring secure wireless access for faculty and administrative personnel

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