Gitex 2015

18-22 OCTOBER 2015

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    GTX Ignite
    09:30 - 09:55
    10:00 - 10:05
    10:10 - 10:35
    Internet of Things
    - The need to embrace innovation by business paradigms - The far too limiting, too saturated, and too expensive legacy business paradigms - Groping in the dark for new ideas? The opportunity to innovate and drive the IOT revolution
    Managing Director
    Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology, UC Berkeley
    10:40 - 11:05
    Internet of Things
    Join Vodafone's innovation studio expert Chris Brown as he shares more about how innovation can impact business transformation from simple to complex, including examples of how Vodafone has collaborated with multi-national companies to open new avenues of opportunity and join the conversation on how they are creating a culture of innovation with global enterprises across the Middle East.
    11:10 - 11:35
    11:40 - 12:05
    Internet of Things
    - Where value will be created in the Internet of Things and People - Smart Systems 'actions' driven by data and information services - Data-driven relationships and partnerships that shape entire ecosystems
    12:10 - 12:35
    Internet of Things
    - Making sense of the 28 billion 'things' to be connected to the internet by 2020 - Building networked communities for future generations - PPP opportunities in emergency services, distance learning and remote health
    Head of Research and Innovation
    Alexandra Instituttet
    12:40 - 14:00
    14:00 - 14:25
    Internet of Things
    Some experts are predicting that Internet of Things (IoT) will accelerate use of the cloud, improve predictions about consumer preferences, and change the scope of services managed service providers can offer. This session will analyse the trends that will impact cloud and the changes we should expect in the next couple of year.
    Futurist Technology Evangelist
    14:30 - 14:55
    Internet of Things
    - Sharing best practice from hands-on exposure - Evaluating the cost and impact to existing business processes and technology transformation - Impact of IoT on Regulatory and supply-chain eco systems
    15:00 - 15:25
    Internet of Things
    The Physical Internet (PI) offers a formidable terrain for large scale deployment and exploitation of IoT technologies. This session will share how IoT is a key to achieving this hyper-connectivity, and how PI may well become a most fertile ground for IoT, helping businesses worldwide gain breakthrough performance from next-generation supply chains.
    15:30 - 15:55
    Internet of Things
    - Assessing the importance of data management & analysis - What data are we sensoring, why, what is the value, to whom? What data and how to make sense of it? Who owns the data? - Providing secure network architecture and protecting privacy
    16:00 - 16:25
    Internet of Things
    - Need for business model innovation to remain competitive - Re-establishing frameworks and streamlining models - Rethinking value creation and value capture
    Executive Director
    Industrial Internet Consortium
    16:30 - 16:30

    GTX Techvericals
    10:40 - 11:15
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Oil and Gas
    - How to monitor and control in real time all the key processes - Maximizing E&P performance through effective data, information and knowledge management - Greater need for real time data to manage exploration, production and risk
    10:40 - 11:05
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Retail
    - Examining new and innovative retail technologies that go beyond sentiment analysis - With this wealth of data what are the challenges for making it actionable? - Examining language as data and how this teaches us about consumers relationship with your brand
    11:10 - 11:35
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Retail
    - What is big data and what does it mean for your brand? - Barriers for creating and using big data - Creating targeted and personalised marketing campaigns
    11:20 - 11:45
    GTX TechVerticals: GTX Oil and Gas
    - Cybercriminal capabilities and your exposure to data theft and cyber attacks - How to build a digital safety system which ensures brand security - Guidelines for embracing modern and secure technology to maximise operational efficiency

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